Anti-vaccer wants child with autism removed from her son's class, worried he will catch autism

In a truly bizarre story coming out of St. Paul, Minnesota this week, Sherri Dorey has petitioned her local school board to remove a child with autism from her son’s grade 5 class. Mrs. Dorey objects to having the boy in her unvaccinated son’s class as she is afraid he will catch autism.

“I’m just trying to protect my child, like any mother would do” explained Dorey. “I skipped vaccinations because of my autism fears, so the last thing I want is for my son to be exposed to autism at school.”

It was explained to the Dorey family many, many times by both school officials and doctors that no one can “catch” autism, and you can’t get it from vaccines.

“I really thought this was a joke to be honest,” said principal Richard Felding. “No one in their right mind thinks autism is contagious. If she really wanted to protect her son, she would have got him vaccinated.”

Believe it not Mrs. Dorey is finding lots of support from the anti-vaccine, science illiterate community.

“Everyone wants our unvaccinated kids to not go to school, so why are children with autism (presumably because of a vaccine injury) allowed to go? It’s a double standard,” said science-denier Debbie Howe.

According to the latest reports the school will not be adhering to Dorey’s request, and have instead offered for Mrs. Dorey to audit a grade 5 science class to help improve her scientific knowledge.


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