Anti-GMO advocates shocked to learn organic food industry is “for-profit”

monsanto roundup

ST. LOUIS, MI – In a breaking story making headlines across the globe, anti-GMO advocates have reportedly only just now found out that their beloved organic food industry is comprised of for-profit companies.

“I’m devastated to be honest,” said Marsha Belanger of March Against Monsanto. “Next thing you’re going to tell me that the alternative medicine industry is in it for the money too.”

While it is well known that Monsanto is pure evil and hopes to one day kill us all, the organic industry has somewhat flown under the proverbial radar when it comes to their image.

“The organic industry is one of the best marketed industries in the world,” said marketing expert Fred Jones. “They have convinced the world that their products are healthier, pesticide free, and worth the extra money. They have successfully portrayed themselves as the “little guy” fighting against big bad business. Whole Foods for example has higher revenues than Monsanto, but no one seems to care.”

Even with the shocking news that organic companies are in it to make money, every anti-GMO advocate The Science Post spoke with said they will continue to be anti-GMO and buy only organic.

“I don’t care, organic is healthy and GMOs are bad,” said anti-GMO hipster Blaze Houston. “I don’t care what stupid facts or science says.”


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