Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy get in huge fight over who has injured more children

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At what was supposed to be a cordial meeting between two un-great minds turned into a heated argument full of hurling insults and conjecture. Jenny McCarthy, the undisputed queen of the anti-vaccine movement, went head to head with the king of the anti-vaccine movement, former doctor Andrew Wakefield.

The two got into a heated exchange about who has been responsible for more children’s deaths.

McCarthy asserts she has caused much more damage, and points to the Jenny McCarthy Body Count website as proof.  The site estimates Jenny was responsible for over 100,000 preventable illnesses from 2007-2012. Wakefield argues that the website is unfairly attributing all the diseases and deaths to McCarthy, and that it was he who started the whole thing.

“None of this would have been possible without my bullshit study in 1998” said Wakefield. “Everyone after that has just been riding my coat-tails. For her to take credit for all the sick and dead children I left in my wake is just ridiculous. She is showing a callous disregard for all that I have done for the pro-disease movement.”

McCarthy conceded that Wakefield may have been the first to start the whole vaccine/autism bs, but it took a Playboy bunny to really bring it to the mainstream in America.

“I’m sorry, did Mr. Wakefield ever pose nude for money? Was he ever a host on a daytime talk show and get fired after one year? I don’t think so.That was all me.”

Others who were at the meeting had to physically hold the two apart and tried to mediate the situation.

“We tried to calm them both down and say they were both responsible for preventable illnesses and deaths in children” said Billy DeMoss. “They were really angry. Not as angry as I get when someone tries to tell me I shouldn’t crack the neck of a newborn, but still pretty mad.”

At last report, the two were taken away in separate limousines to their mansions to continue their mission of standing up for the little guy and fight against the rich, evil Big Pharma.


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