97% of anti-vaccers can’t understand medical articles, rely on title as evidence

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LOS ANGELES, CA – In a new study out of the UCLA Medical Center, it was revealed that over 97% of anti-vaccine advocates cannot understand medical articles. The study showed that as long as the title of the article sounded like something they wanted to believe was true, they would share and cite the article as evidence.

“The two main factors for anti-vaccers accepting and believing evidence are the title of the article and where it was shared from,” said lead researcher Dr. Kevin Reist. “If a study is shared by Natural News, Vaccines Are Bad, Science is for Losers, etc. they will immediately believe it and add it to their “arsenal” of evidence.”

The researchers conducted a study whereby they created a website and Facebook page which appeared to be anti-vaccine in nature and posted several made up stories, articles and studies. All the articles were immediately liked, shared and tweeted by anti-vaccine cult members.

“It was quite remarkable to be honest. We completely made up a bunch of very poorly done studies which we claimed were published in made up journals,” explained Dr. Reist. “As long as the title of the paper sounded like vaccines were bad, they were believed and shared as gospel by the cult members.”

When the truth was revealed and the nature of the study made public, the anti-vaccers who had been sucked in refused to believe they had been had.

“Nice try. This page obviously got taken down by Big Pharma and the Illuminati and was forced to pretend it was all a joke,” said Mike Chase, crazy person. “It’s so obvious to anyone who is AWAKE.”


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