97% of anti-vaccers can’t understand medical articles, rely on title as evidence

97% of anti-vaccers can’t understand medical articles, rely on title as evidence

LOS ANGELES, CA – In a new study out of the UCLA Medical Center, it was revealed that over 97% of anti-vaccine advocates cannot understand medical articles. The study showed that as long as the title of the article sounded like something they wanted to believe was true, they would share and cite the article as evidence.

“The two main factors for anti-vaccers accepting and believing evidence are the title of the article and where it was shared from,” said lead researcher Dr. Kevin Reist. “If a study is shared by Natural News, Vaccines Are Bad, Science is for Losers, etc. they will immediately believe it and add it to their “arsenal” of evidence.”

The researchers conducted a study whereby they created a website and Facebook page which appeared to be anti-vaccine in nature and posted several made up stories, articles and studies. All the articles were immediately liked, shared and tweeted by anti-vaccine cult members.

“It was quite remarkable to be honest. We completely made up a bunch of very poorly done studies which we claimed were published in made up journals,” explained Dr. Reist. “As long as the title of the paper sounded like vaccines were bad, they were believed and shared as gospel by the cult members.”

When the truth was revealed and the nature of the study made public, the anti-vaccers who had been sucked in refused to believe they had been had.

“Nice try. This page obviously got taken down by Big Pharma and the Illuminati and was forced to pretend it was all a joke,” said Mike Chase, crazy person. “It’s so obvious to anyone who is AWAKE.”


  • Jack_Heginbotham

    I of course find it amusing that the Vaccine Cultists cannot cite any well done studies that prove injecting toxic chemicals mixed with dead virus’, safely and effectively prevents future symptomatic viral infections.

    How can anyone with common sense think that artificially stimulating a
    child’s immune system with toxic chemicals over 49 times by age 6, can
    possibly be “safe”? We should be supplementing the healthy immune system reaction to disease at the onset with anti-viral agents, rather than attempting to fool(potentially damage) our immune system today to prevent “possible” infections in the future.

    The Emperor is not wearing any clothes: Vaccines do not immunize but no one will speak out for fear of being labeled a fool. The vaccine meme is rarely challenged because virology shop talk is intimidating. I personally find it difficult to believe in “Attenuated Virus'”. A virus is either alive and able to duplicate or it is dead and no threat. I thought they were simple lifeforms with an agenda of reproducing? If they can reproduce then the vaccine is a source of infection. If the virus’ are dead, they are of no consequence so the body will not recognize them?

    • thew_nyc

      your lack of understanding the studies that have been done is not the same thing as there not having been studies done.

    • Ben Magno

      “Common sense” is looking both ways to judge safety when crossing the street. Applying intuition to what you refuse to understand, about things on a microscopic scale, is not “common sense”. It is idiocy.

      “I don’t understand these people who researched a thing for years and improved on a thing for decades” isn’t proof of anything.

    • Techutante

      Here’s your problem “I personally find it difficult to believe in “Attenuated Virus'”, “I thought they…” What you do and don’t believe in doesn’t matter. Unlike religion, your belief is not important to science. You’re so uninformed and unintelligent that you’re not even meta-cognizant of your limitations and spuriously believe that the words coming from your brain are more important than 220+ years of documented science. Your logic is flawed at best, and grossly incompatible with reality in general. Even cable news networks get it more right than you, and they are paid to obfuscate the news.

    • barcas

      Well, you showed you don’t understand anything about immune system, viruses, vaccines but don’t let that stop you from having an opinion on the subject.

      Gosh, I hope every day you, lot, will take your own lives in a spectacular manner before you manage to kill someone else with your stupidity.

      Antiviral agents? Really? So, you will take antiviral medicine made by that “big” cough* pharma cough* companies – but you don’t trust vaccines? Nice logic there, I mean the lack off – it is a common denominator for antivaxxers, the absence of logic circuits in the brain.

      And in the end – why don’t you go and speak to people who lost their relatives to Spanish influenza? Cytokine storm – rings a bell?

      People like you should be isolated on a different plane of existence.

      • Chris

        It is amazing that these guys would rather treat a disease instead of prevent it. They obviously have no clue how devastating something like measles is between high fevers, pneumonia and the occasional one out of a thousand cases encephalitis. Plus antiviral drugs are incredibly nasty, and have lots of their own side effects, much more than any vaccine.

        • These are people who literally believe that Ebola and rabies are no match for a healthy, uncontaminated person’s immune system, and will never, ever change their minds. They will die believing that if you never vaccinate your kid, they would grow up to resist AIDS, malaria, tetanus, and it’s just the nasty pharma conspiracy that’s deliberately harmed our immune systems. They’ve vaccinated themselves against reason.

          • Chris

            You would think that losing a kid would help change their minds. Well, it did for the parents of the little boy in Spain who died from diphtheria. But others are a bit more delusional, from a few years ago:

            “Why our child — so appreciated, so held, so carefully nurtured — and not one ignored, abused or abandoned?” she wrote. “How come what we offered was not enough to keep her here when children with far less — impatient distracted parents, a small apartment on a busy street, extended day care, Oscar Mayer Lunchables — will happily stay?”

            I can tell you why: she thought being wealthy, organic food, not vaccinating and decided she did not have HIV was enough. Though just a few years later Ms. Maggiore also died from AIDS.

          • Ugggghhhhhh. It’s bad enough when people destroy their own lives with delusions about science, law, history, etc., but it’s one of the few things that really eats me up to see people slaughter children with their own blind arrogance, and then blithely place the blame on everybody else and just keep right on doing what they’re doing. Just thinking about the state of mind that woman is in, and the fact that she is able to inflict herself on innocent children makes my stomach turn. It’s like watching them casually step on them and crush them to death while fussing over whether they’re up to date with the latest fashionably bogus health scam.

          • And yet somehow this same badass immune system is threatened by weakened pathogens, dead pathogens and mere pieces of pathogens.

          • Pretty amazing, right? I debunk pseudolaw enthusiasts all the time, but they’re no big deal compared to these anti-vax conspiracy freaks. Most pseudolaw nuts only harm themselves and get into trouble without destroying other lives. These people, these deranged, egotistical loons, will ignore basic logic and slaughter a generation of children to bump up their own self-esteem.

          • What are pseudolaw enthusiasts?

            Are they at all related to Sovereign Citizens or those people who believe the birth certificate creates a strawman or some such nonsense?

          • Yep. People who read sentence fragments out of context and conclude that they know the entire law, people who don’t understand the different between state and federal power, people who play definitions games to claim they don’t need a driver’s license (“I’m not ‘driving,’ I’m ‘traveling!!'”), and so on. A friend of mine runs pseudolaw dot com, where I have the most fun with that.

          • Oh – I think I found one of their cousins on youtube the other day or else a mild version.

            Some guy got pulled over by a policeman and lectured about not wearing a seatbelt – and said pulled-over guy went on about the definition of driving being commercial vehicles or something – whereas he was operating a private automobile – not driving or something.

            All that happened was that guy got a lecture about being safe.

            Edit: Found it!

            Here we go:


          • Yeah, they’re mostly just talk. They describe the state and federal governments and courts as despicable evil conspiracies meant to trick and oppress people with cruel burdens and laws, but the vast majority of them don’t do anything more drastic than minor administrative violations like driving without a valid license.

          • I think that makes guy-without-a-seatbelt wimp among wimps, doesn’t it?

          • Well, at least he’s got the courage of his delusions. I can respect that, even if I think the reasoning is flawed.

          • Chris

            There were a couple on the conspiracy cruise that Wakefield was on:

            They were both arrested after the cruise. In the comments of that article I linked to an Oregonlive article about Shrout, whose trial starts in June.

          • Damo

            Its all in the toxins! Won’t someone think about the toxins?

    • This may be the single most ridiculously ignorant post I’ve read all day. There’s literally nothing correct written in any of your three vapid paragraphs. I’m dumber for having read it. Please, find another hobby. Your talents clearly lie elsewhere.

    • Al Klein

      “Vaccine Cultists cannot cite any well done studies that prove injecting toxic chemicals mixed with dead virus’, safely and effectively prevents future symptomatic viral infections.”
      Oh, sure they can. The efficacy of the immune system was amply demonstrated back in Pasteur’s day. (Thimerosal isn’t toxic, it’s eliminated from the body very quickly – and hasn’t been used since 2000 – 17 years ago. And it was only used in multi-dose vials. There’s no need for it in single-dose vials.)

      What no one has actually shown, except by quoting scare headlines, is that thimerosal actually causes autism.

      “Vaccines do not immunize” Tell that to Pasteur. (Not only do they immunize but – study NYC in the fall of 1941, with regard to pregnant women who got smallpox booster shots. I’m probably not still the only one walking around with congenital immunity to the pox viruses. Not just immunity to the virus immunized against, but to that whole family of viruses – probably due to a mutation caused by the vaccine.)

  • Greyson Forkturner

    I think that he’s trolling… or do I merely hope so?

  • Al Klein

    “When the truth was revealed and the nature of the study made public, the anti-vaccers who had been sucked in refused to believe they had been had” Jonathan Swift said, “Reasoning will never make a Man correct an ill Opinion, which by Reasoning he never acquired”