Report: Getting divorced 3 times still better for sanctity of marriage than gay marriage

ROWAN COUNTY, KY – In a report released today by The Department of Religion and Bigotry, the authors describe how being divorced multiple times is still preferable for the sanctity of marriage than allowing two men or women to marry.

“Gay marriage is ruining America. It goes against God and it goes against my bias ideology” said Josh Feuerstein, angry pastor. “It is far better to get divorced, even multiple times, than be married once to someone of the same sex. I think God would agree with me on that one.”

Unfortunately God did not respond to an interview request.

The report comes fresh on the heels of the story of Kim Davis, a trailblazing Kentucky law clerk who refuses to recognize gay marriage.

“Kim Davis is a martyr, a hero” said Feuerstein. “The Christian holocaust is upon us and we must all stand up for what is right. We must stand up for what we believe in: that anyone who doesn’t believe what we believe is a terrible person.”

Feuerstein plans on posting rant after rant on Facebook and vows to delete his Grinder account until Ms. Davis is cleared of all charges.


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