Pfizer announces new vaccine to protect against vaccine injuries

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced today that they would be debuting a new vaccine in early.

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Study: Excessive masturbation may protect against the flu

A new study released today from JAMA, The Journal of the American Masturbation Association, concluded that people who excessively masturbate are less likely to contract influenza.

"The flu shot turned my son straight!" claims grieving mother

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Elaine Smith is beside herself with grief after she believes that.

Anti-vaccine cult leaders hold online meeting to prep members for flu season

A who’s who of the anti-vaccine cult, namely Billy DeMoss, Jenny McCarthy, Andrew Wakefield, Joseph.

Anti-vaccer stocks up on essential oils and kale in preparation for flu season

Anti-vaccine mother of two Megan Reynolds is busy getting prepared for the upcoming flu season..

Flu shot a poor match for anti-vaccers again this year

Once again, the flu shot is worthless to anti-vaccers. With an estimated effectiveness rate of.