Anti-vaccer stocks up on essential oils and kale in preparation for flu season

Anti-vaccine mother of two Megan Reynolds is busy getting prepared for the upcoming flu season.

“If I’m honest, I’ve probably spent over $500 on flu-fighting oils, supplements and kale,”  laughed Reynolds. “Nothing is too good for my kids. Except the scientific consensus that the flu shot is your best defense against the flu of course.”

Many anti-vaccine cult members believe that things like kale, oils, and supplements sold online from alternative medical practitioners are the only way to protect oneself from influenza.

“The flu shot is so full of toxins, I don’t even know where to start” said anti-vaccine, anti-science zealot Joe Gooding. “Plus, no one has died from the flu since 1919. I did my research.”

Online stores are also busy making up the latest and greatest in alternative influenza preventions and treatments. Everything from kale shots, vitamin C supplements and made up concoctions that may or may not be harmful to humans.


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