Flu shot a poor match for anti-vaccers again this year

Once again, the flu shot is worthless to anti-vaccers. With an estimated effectiveness rate of less than 100%, the flu shot is being written off as another monumental failure by anti-vaccine advocates.

“Why would I inject myself or my kids with something that is less than 100% effective?” asked anti-vaccer Frankie Petitte. “It’s the same reason I don’t wear a seatbelt.”

The CDC said so far the match is looking pretty good this year, while in Canada they are predicting around a 50% accuracy.

“All of these numbers are preliminary and just estimates” said the CDC’s Dr. Gerry Mumford. “We are told by our Big Pharma overlords to remind everyone that any protection is better than no protection and remind everyone to get your flu shot this year.”

It is estimated by anti-vaccine cult groups that Big Pharma makes over $100 billion a year from flu shots alone.

“Flu season is their Christmas,” said anti-vaccer Bill DeMoss. “Every year they sucker millions of people into getting their poison injected into them, and it doesn’t even work. Everyone knows if you want to protect yourself and your family from the flu, you need supplements sold online.”


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