“Rabies is a harmless puppyhood disease” say anti-vaccine dogs

rabies vaccine

Several anti-vaccine dogs issued a statement today saying that they believe rabies is a harmless disease that all puppies need to go through to get natural immunity.

“Back in my day we all got rabies, not big deal” said 13 year old Rex. “Now they want to give everyone toxic rabies vaccines full of toxins that cause pawtism.”

The anti-vaccine dog movement is based on a fraudulent study linking the rabies vaccine to pawtism by former veterinarian Andrew Wagfield.

“Wagfield was vilified by the canine media and we all know he was right about the dangers of the rabies vaccine,” explained Rex.

Several anti-vaccine dog groups have formed over the past few years including the National Dog Vaccine Information Center and websites such as DogfoWars and Natural Bones have been pushing anti-vaccine agendas for some time.

“Rabies is NOT a harmless disease. Not at all,” said veterinarian Dr. David Morski. “Rabies is deadly and the more puppies that avoid getting the vaccine due to unfounded pawtism fears, the more puppies we will see needlessly dying.”

The rabies vaccine has been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe by numerous studies and trials. However, the anti-vaccine dogs refuse to believe them claiming they are all part of a global conspiracy by Big Pawrma.

“All of those studies were bought and paid for by Big Pawrma,” says Rex. “They have never done a rabies vaccine vs no rabies vaccine trial. Ever. What are they so scared of?”

A new bill has been introduced in California which would make it mandatory for dogs to receive their rabies shot before being allowed in obedience schools. Rex and the anti-vaccine groups are planning to protest and petition that the bill is unconstitutional.


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