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“Rabies is a harmless puppyhood disease” say anti-vaccine dogs

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Several anti-vaccine dogs issued a statement today saying that they believe rabies is a harmless disease that all puppies need to go through to get natural immunity.

“Back in my day we all got rabies, not big deal” said 13 year old Rex. “Now they want to give everyone toxic rabies vaccines full of toxins that cause pawtism.”

The anti-vaccine dog movement is based on a fraudulent study linking the rabies vaccine to pawtism by former veterinarian Andrew Wagfield.

“Wagfield was vilified by the canine media and we all know he was right about the dangers of the rabies vaccine,” explained Rex.

Several anti-vaccine dog groups have formed over the past few years including the National Dog Vaccine Information Center and websites such as DogfoWars and Natural Bones have been pushing anti-vaccine agendas for some time.

“Rabies is NOT a harmless disease. Not at all,” said veterinarian Dr. David Morski. “Rabies is deadly and the more puppies that avoid getting the vaccine due to unfounded pawtism fears, the more puppies we will see needlessly dying.”

The rabies vaccine has been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe by numerous studies and trials. However, the anti-vaccine dogs refuse to believe them claiming they are all part of a global conspiracy by Big Pawrma.

“All of those studies were bought and paid for by Big Pawrma,” says Rex. “They have never done a rabies vaccine vs no rabies vaccine trial. Ever. What are they so scared of?”

A new bill has been introduced in California which would make it mandatory for dogs to receive their rabies shot before being allowed in obedience schools. Rex and the anti-vaccine groups are planning to protest and petition that the bill is unconstitutional.


  • ytg137

    This has got to be a joke! Anyone choosing to forgo vaccinations altogether is playing Russian Roulette with their pets life.

    That said, there’s sincere concern about vaccine effects on humans & animals. As a result, the AVMA has modified the recommended schedule for certain “non-core” vaccinations to every 3 years rather than yearly.

    I’ve also read that some vets & clients will test the animals blood yearly for immunity levels before deciding whether to revaccinate. http://www.avma.org/news/javmanews/pages/160701a.aspx

    Overall, I think the risk of vaccines administered on a reasonable schedule poses less risk to the animal than leaving them completely unvaccinated & unprotected.

    • Chris

      That is because this is a satirical site (see the three words under the main title at top of page). It satirizes actual sentiments made by certain people. Yes, there are those who think veterinary vaccines are bad for their pets.

      • Elise

        There’s one such moron in this thread.

        • Chris

          I noticed. Neo has been very entertaining.

          • Elise

            It never ceases to amaze me how sanctimonious the profoundly stuuuupid are.

    • Neo

      Satirical or not dogs are suffering like humans from vaccines.
      Cancers,siezures, death and chronic skin infections are the number one cause of problems for dogs today where the immune system attacks itself.
      Doesn’t matter who or what is injected with vaccines it will destroy ones immune system.

      • dynommoose


      • sarah234

        How long have you been a veterinarian? πŸ™‚

      • Elise

        Your PhD from Google University tell you that?

        • Neo

          Yes it does thank you.
          One can become very knowledgeable from Google along with observation and common sense to see what destruction vaccines have been doing.

          • Elise

            What precisely have vaccines been doing? Other than preventing millions of deaths, blindness, deafness, paralysis?

            I’ll stack a formal science and medicine education to your powers of observation and misinformation. Would you allow your child to be near a rabid dog? Or a child with polio? That kind of common sense?

          • Elise

            Your opinion of your own observation skills and common sense is hugely overrated. If that was not the case, then perhaps you would actually answer one of the direct questions posed to you.

          • Caitlin

            Pray tell, what “destruction” have vaccines done? Because I call phasing out the iron lung a victory for humanity, mate. You don’t get “immunity” from polio. You end up in a wheelchair.

          • Neo

            Just curious, how many people and children today in hospitals are on the new version of the iron lung?

          • spock7411

            I don’t understand this response. Are you pissed because nobody has invented a new iron lung, or are you pissed because nobody needs an iron lung anymore?

          • Neo

            Ummm…..go to a hospital and you will see how many children and adults are on the new version of the Iron Lung machines that have been vaccinated.

          • Chris


          • spock7411

            What the frick are you talking about? As of 2014 there were ten people in the US in an iron lung. TEN. Please, for once in this thread, answer a direct question and tell me what the eff you’re talking about.

          • Caitlin

            Oh hey Neo….

            While we’re drawing weird correlations….

            Did you know that 100% of people who drink water die?
            Did you know that 100% of people who own pets die?

            We should stop drinking water and owning pets. They’re dangerous, by your line of logic.

          • spock7411

            Are you going to explain yourself or just continue to ignore challenges to your “logic”? What children? What iron lungs? Are you avoiding the questions because you know you can’t back up your claims and are too embarrassed to admit it? Answer a single question, I dare you.

          • spock7411

            You’re not going to answer any of my questions, are you? Not even that one, probably. You’re just proving to everyone that your position is ridiculous and you don’t have a leg to stand on, so I guess I should thank you for making idiotic statements that you can’t in any way back up with actual facts. It definitely makes it easier for those of us who aren’t delusional whackadoodles who believe that discredited morons who literally make stuff up are a good source of information to look like geniuses by comparison.

            So thank you? By not answering my questions you have proven my point for me.

          • Caitlin

            None, because the disease that froze your lungs and necessitated a chamber with negative pressure are no longer a thing! Crazy how vaccines work to destroy a disease in a population like that.

            And before you start on this line no, respirators are not the same thing as iron lungs. Here are the key differences:

            Iron lung: Negative pressure respiration, used exclusively on coal miners suffering poisoning and poliomyelitis victims, meant to be a permanent enclosure for people suffering irreparable damage. Phased out in the 40’s when the polio vaccine meant no more poliomyelitis sufferers (weird how that works).

            Respirators: Positive pressure respiration, temporary, widespread during surgery or on patients unable to breathe on their own. Not meant to be used for extensive (read years) periods of time without extenuating circumstances.

            Polio is a horrible disease that caused the inability to use one’s muscles. It is good that vaccinations have largely removed this plague.

      • Joni Pelkonen

        Skin infections are caused by bacteria and viruses, not immune system, genius.

        • Ummmm…actually, no: I had a dog with an autoimmune skin disease. Treated it the same way you’d do for humans – cortisone.

          • cable1977

            An autoimmune skin disease is not a skin infection. An infection is, by definition, caused by an outside pathogen.

          • Rood

            It however, does greatly increase the chance for a skin infection.

          • Neo

            I’m sure vaccines had nothing to do with it
            Just a coincidence.

          • levack

            Maybe it was breathing air. Because It was breathing when it got the infection.

          • Absolutely! Shit genetics, not vaccines at all. I WORK on vaccines, so I’m not about to make the wild leaps of faith about supposed correlations between vaccination and disease that the anti-vaxxers do.

          • Neo

            Genetics is bs rhetoric!
            Who gives a shit that you work on vaccines!
            I’d rather believe in Jenny who witnessed vaccine damage then some indoctrinated fool.
            You have nothing!!
            Now go back to injecting yourselve like a good little follower that you are.

          • You are so unbelievably ignorant as to be a worthy recipient of a Darwin Award. Genetics bs rhetoric? Even MORE stupid. Seriously, read a little before you sound off – or peole like me will just laugh at you.

          • Neo

            Genetics is a term used by your industry to deflect the true cause of illnesses…VACCINES!
            If there is such a thing as genetics, then the damage was passed down.

          • Neo

            Your not that bright for someone that works with vaccines are ya!!
            Skin disorders like excema, psoriasis are all internal problems.
            You can put topical creams and cortisone shots all you want and won’t rid the problem what so ever.
            Temporary if any relief.
            Try not to give advice, doesn’t add any credibility to your lack of knowledge!

          • And your [sic] not that bright. Period.

        • Neo

          Let me rephrase that.
          Chronic skin disease caused by vaccinations.

        • Neo

          Roll your eyes and see if you have a brain in that head.
          Most animal chronic allergies and skin infections are auto immune disorders.
          Have you been to a vet lately?
          The most common problems with dogs are allergies, skin infections and cancers.
          I know….I have a rescued dog that suffers from so called allergies and chronic skin problems.

      • Oh, dear…you know, there’s a remedy for what you suffer from (acutus ignorantiam): study some microbiology and immunology. Then you’d know that vaccines for pets or for people are one of THE best inventions of the last 200 years, and probably the best one in the health arena.

        • Neo

          Imagine that…health coming out a needle that’s full of toxins.

          • Chris

            We can imagine that animals who are vaccinated for some nasty diseases are healthy. That is because we understand the science and actually know the definition of “toxin.”

          • Michael Borean

            If only it was actually full of toxins. Then maybe anti vacc tards might actually have a point.

          • levack

            Don’t be a jerk. The aliens sent radio signals verifying the validity of the anti vaccination stance from Zeus.

          • Caitlin

            Haha oh boy, let me look at the fucking “toxins” youre whining about.

            Did you know you consume more formaldehyde in the average pear/banana than is in a vaccine?
            Did you know you PRODUCE more formaldehyde in your system (and break it down) than is in a vaccine?
            Did you know that the mercury content is so low in a vaccine you would have to drink literal gallons of the solution before any adverse affects?
            Did you know that parts per million is a thing? And that the dose makes the poison?

          • bitterbonker

            Did you know that it’s absolutely preposterous to compare a toxin exposure by the oral route to that by injection?

          • Caitlin

            Did you know it’s absolutely preposterous to think that a toxic material can’t be diluted down to the point of complete inefficacy whether injected or ingested?

          • Chris

            Only if a you are a homeopath, and don’t understand basic chemistry. Perhaps it works if you live on Htrae where homeopathy does get stronger the more you dilute it.

          • Neo

            Again a bozo comparing ingesting to injecting synthetic man made chemicals.
            Stop comparing natural occurring formaldehyde we eat to what is in vaccines.
            Oh wait it’s pear juice formaldehyde in vaccines right!!
            The dose makes the poison BS!!
            Tell me something than….how much bee venom or peanut oil does it take for a child to have an anaphylactic reaction or death if the dose makes the poison?
            You are a clown that’s for sure.

          • Caitlin

            Oh look someone who can’t tell the difference between an autoimmune response and envenomation!

            Look, the dose DOES MAKE THE POISON.

            Nutmeg is TOXIC and produces hallucinations. Yet people sprinkle it on their coffee, bake it into their cookies, put it on french toast….and you know why? Because you have to eat whole nutmegs in order to suffer the toxic affects (please, don’t eat whole nutmeg. You will hallucinate and vomit everywhere). That’s a perfect example of the dose making the poison.

            Now let’s look at vaccines. You would have to inject (not ingest whatever) gallons of the stuff to equal a dose of mercury needed to make you ill or produce mental affects (mad hatter syndrome). Gallons.

            This is also why if you put a pinch of salt into an entire reservoir, you’re not going to make anyone in that town thirsty. Because the damn salt dilutes down….just like what they use to preserve vaccines.

          • Neo

            Oh FFS!
            Enough the dose makes the poison bs!
            How much bee venom or peanut oil does it take for a child to go into anaphylaxis shock?!
            Blows that theory out your ass eh!!

          • Caitlin

            Uh, no, it doesn’t. For the following reasons:
            1. Bee venom and peanut oil do not cause significant reactions in persons who are not allergic to them.
            2. Allergies work differently than poison.
            3. You still haven’t addressed my previous points, even though I dumbed them down and my statements were factual.

          • Neo

            You have no factual credible points.
            By your comment to my question is a clear answer that I’m right and you’re wrong.
            Typical Pharma loving troll to not be able to answer.
            Move along now Caitlin like good little girl that you are.

          • Caitlin

            I’m not unable to answer. You’re simply not comprehending what I’m telling you. There is a difference between an allergic reaction and a poison. Vaccines are safe. We have mountains of data to prove this over 50 some-odd years. We’ve save millions of lives. Chances are that you yourself benefit from this system, whether by being vaccinated or from herd immunity.

            Again, I go back to my nutmeg point. A little pinch on your coffee is flavorful and delicious. A pound of it is lethal.

          • Neo

            I do comprehend it Caity!
            It’s always different with people like you.
            No matter how you slice it Caity, it’s no different.

          • spock7411

            Omg, you’re back!!!!! I bet you’re still not going to answer any of my direct questions, though, are you? Oh, fact-dodger, how I’ve missed thee… So fun to see you, and happy pretending like I didn’t blow up at least one of your ridiculous, absurd, nonsensical, foolheaded, harebrained, preposterous, half-baked, outrageous arguments so hard you had to rage!quit the conversation.

          • Neo

            Sorry…so many of you Pharma loving trolls spouting lies I can’t keep up.
            What was your question again?

          • spock7411

            Ho. Ly. Shoot. I thought you had blocked me.


            Just for funzies, try to explain away your ignorance about the iron lung. Because I don’t think there’s any possible way that you can, but it will be incredibly entertaining to watch you try.

          • Neo

            What about the iron lung?

          • Chris

            That it is a crying shame that the polio vaccines put the iron lung manufacturers out of business. Think of the tragic lost of jobs!

          • spock7411

            I see, the old deliberately obtuse angle. I sent you links, dude. LINKS!!!!! Since I’m apparently only going to get what I want (You have a choice of two, btw) by being excruciatingly specific.


            And those are just the ones from that particular exchange that only involve the two of us. Caitlin gave you quite the smackdown in there, too.

            In case you’re wondering, the two things I could get from this are:
            1. Your completely nonsensical answer backed up by nothing but some vague notion you have of an iron lung you once saw in an American Dad cartoon, or
            2. You’ll stick your head back in the sand because you have no comeback and absolutely, positively, without reason refuse to admit you could be anything but the flag-bearer of the righteously correct and unerring.

            Either of these choices will bring me a great deal of joy, so honestly, thanks for just existing to be ridiculed at this point.

          • Earthling4

            Jesus Effing Christ, you’re stupid.

          • Neo

            You must be the other clown!!

          • spock7411

            Aww, I’m hurt. You’ll answer an insult but not legitimate questions? Granted, I did devolve into insults. I was hoping maybe that would get a response. I’m feeling really discriminated against.

        • levack

          Just cut my skin open and rub some scabs in there!

          • Sure! Rummages in bag…got a reasonably fresh monkeypox scab from the prairie dog outbreak in the US – will that do?? If it works, you’re immune to smallpox. If not – well, monkeypox PROBABLY won’t kill you…?

      • Lol, I love entertaining and amusing stupidity.

        • JoeFarmer

          How long until Ron Roy mistakes this for a real story?

          • shay simmons

            Someone should get up a pool.

      • Allen Snyder

        I prefer the satirical dogs to the not satirical ones.

      • Kmeares

        You shold try reading actual scientific studies instead of the ranting of paid corporate shills like McCarthy and Wakefield.

        • Dr_XX

          Hold up… what corporation exactly is paying McCarthy and Wakefield to be whipping posts and give up their careers? Explain that one to me. You have it backwards, sir.

          • spock7411

            Jenny McCarthy’s career what now? She got herself on The View, she has a radio show, and she and the NKOTB dude subject us to their ridiculousness on a regular basis. Before she became a crusader for pseudoscience she was doing bit parts in crap movies and hosting MTV spring break specials. I’d say all this jumpstarted her career in a big way.

          • Kmeares

            In Wakefields case he was bought by a group of lawyers looking to launch a law suit against big pharma. They paid him more then 500 grand to invent his results (never mind his own “safer” mmr vaccine patented a year before his sham study). That was exposed years ago try to keep up.

            As for McCarthy I think she really is just that stupid. Same with Carrey. On the other hand Mike Adams the “health ranger” (his site naturalnews is a common source for anti vaxxers) and a lot of the other major anti science web sites are pretty clearly getting some kick backs from the multi billion dollar suppliment industry. You can see it in the sheer volume of advertising both obvious (links to web sites and stores selling them) and less so (bs claims that vitamin c MEGA doses cure everything under the sun). The suppliment industry has no government oversight (after all they don’t actually say their crap products do anything just that they “may”) and a vested financial interest in discrediting legitimate medical science.

            I don’t have it backwards at all. In nearly every possible sense vaccines are a bad investment. First of all most of the money gained from them goes back into R&D, sales, marketing (particularly important given the fairy tales and lies spread by the anti science movement). Then there’s the pressure to donate vaccines to the less fortunate. Oh then there’s the most obvious point “its more profitable to treat a disease someone has then it is to prevent the disease from ever happening to begin with.” The real corporate shills are the ones telling you not to vaccinate your kids. They don’t care who dies as long as you buy their junk suppliments.

      • Caitlin

        Everyone chime in with me at once: CITATION NEEDED.

      • david

        I do hope you’re joking as this article is. Vaccines work to beef up immunity, fact. Vaccines don’t cause autism, fact. Autism is in the rise over the last 20 yrs while anti vaxer crap parents were not getting them. Autism is genetic, likely do to the toxins built up in parents dna from various shampoos, hair color, fake nails, fake tans, cleaning products etc, worse most mothers milk is a toxic soup of chemicals built up in their bodies. Those are facts.

        • Chris

          Nope. That is what he thinks.

          “Those are facts.”

          Which you argued beautifully with full blatant assertion. Personally I am more inclined to the adoption of the DSM IV in the early 1990s. But that is just me, oh wait… it is not just me, it is a whole lot of people! (see Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity by Steve Silberman, pay close attention to the bit about Lorna Wing)

    • Chris

      Ah, I see one of those people has now introduced himself to you. Yeah, that mindset is why this satirical website was created.

    • Patrick

      You thought that it was possible they actually interviewed dogs for this article?

    • VwV

      …on a reasonable and evidence-based scedule. The problem is that many vets are still recommending vaccines way more often than the science says is necessary. Pet owners trust these vets to be basing their practice on the most recent evidence and they are not. Unfortunately, it is driven by the almighty dollar and pets are being overvaccinated. Fortunately, human children are protected against this ethics violation by guidelines and regulations. No such regulations exist to protect our pets.

  • Robert Whaley

    Because having twelve puppies and hoping three live is so eighteen hundreds.

    • David Wei

      It’s a fun challenge! It is also fun trying to control your own rabie infected dog(s)… πŸ˜‰

  • Veronique Jasmine Morais

    lol those parents who don’t get why their kids shouldn’t be allowed in a public school if they aren’t vaccinated must have an IQ that should be too low to be allowed to raise kids. Like duh, your kid is going to be around hundreds of others, of course he should be vaccinated. When you leave your dog in a pet hotel, they require him to be vaccinated too and he’s going to be around less other dogs. Like would you seriously murder 300 kids just so your kid maybe won’t be autistic? (cause he can still be regardless)

  • Liz Windham

    As a vet tech, I wholly-support and endorse this satire. XD

  • David Wei

    Where do we sign up to earn Shill-Dollars?

  • Jefe Mixtli

    Ol Yeller’s owners have connections with BigVet! That dog was just HUNGRY that’s why it was salivating and growling, They had to shoot it and make a movie on orders from Walt Disney (who is a well known Nazi)

  • Jefe Mixtli

    Many countries claim that they have eradicated RABIES through vaccination. This is just a BigVat LIE. They just renamed the disease PARVO!

    • Jefe Mixtli

      Cujo had Parvo.

    • spock7411

      Citation? Is this something you’ve deduced after years of thorough scientific research on the subject? I’d love to be shown the error of my ways.

      • Jefe Mixtli

        Rabies was invented by veterinarians, horror writers, and Walt Disney! Wake up.

        Did you know rabies vaccine sales increased by 1000% after the release of Ol’ Yeller? Follow the money!

        • Chris

          Do you just make stuff up for the fun of it? You will now probably claim Pasteur did not exist and was invented by vaccine makers. It is not as ridiculous than your off the wall claim that they renamed an RNA virus with a DNA virus.

          • Jefe Mixtli

            Steven King and Walt Disney made most of their money investing in the rabies vaccine. Why else would they make movies scare-mongering people over rabies?

          • Chris

            So you have absolutely no idea who Pasteur was and what he did! Good to know, so you are just making stuff up because you are too lazy to read any type of history.

          • Jefe Mixtli

            I’m too lazy to read history? I bet you didn’t even know that the highly acclaimed Canadian dramatic arts group, “Kids in the Hall” also spread rabies propaganda during the 90s and were later found to be BigVet shills!

            Here’s proof!


          • Chris

            Trollin’ Trollin’ Trollin’
            Trollin’ Trollin’ Trollin’
            Trollin’ Trollin’ Trollin’
            Trollin’ Trollin’ Trollin’
            Trollin’ Trollin’ Trollin’
            Though the threads are swollen
            Keep them comments trollin’,

          • Jefe Mixtli

            Well, trolling is usually considered a malicious activity, which wasn’t my intent.

            I was more surprised that someone was taking my posts seriously and was waiting to be called on the POE. I was sure somebody would recognize the anti-vax trope of “they just renamed polio”.

            Anyway, I hope you folks enjoyed the KinH skit… It’s one of my favourite.

          • Chris

            If you look on this thread you will see even more idiotic arguments. If you had stopped the Poe after it was noted one was RNA and DNA then it might have worked. The guys who claimed polio was renamed do not accept that there are such thing as PCR data, except when it is the borked version of Wakefield’s narrative.

            The art to comedy to know when to stop.

          • Jefe Mixtli

            Can you provide citations to that comedy rule? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

            Don’t get your panties in a knot. It was all good fun.

          • Chris

            “Can you provide citations to that comedy rule?”

            Too many hours listening to the first year or so of The Nerdist podcast. So many comics talking about what worked and did not work. Live and learn, so I don’t do that anymore. πŸ˜‰

          • spock7411

            *slow clap*

            Well played, good sir. (Or madam; I try not to assume.) You’ll have to forgive my bit of actual annoyance. I had a previous interaction in the comments of this very article with someone who managed to steer things around to the iron lung, so I’m (understandably, I think) a bit gun-shy. Feel free to peruse for the iron lung bit, it’s quite entertaining.

            Congratulations on an excellent spot of benign trolling.😊

    • Israel Gonzalez

      One is a RNA virus and the other one has DNA, grab a book at least.

      • Jefe Mixtli

        You’re a shill for Walt Disney. Ol’ Yeller was just under-fed. That’s why he was salivating and growling!!

        Wake up!

        • You cannot be serious…and if you are, you’re ignorant enough to be a danger to yourself, leta lone to others.

          • Jefe Mixtli

            Dude, you called it! I have that EXACT tattoo!

            “Danger to myself and others.”

    • CriticalDragon1177

      Yes those horrible greedy veterinarians wanting to save your pets’ lives! πŸ˜‰

  • Ron Golson

    The Science Post has been your untrusted source of science and health news for over 0 years. We aim to bring you the latest in made-up, hard hitting news that you can use to mock others. All stories on the site are fake and should not be taken all that seriously….seriously.

  • CriticalDragon1177

    LOL! Dogs with rabies are so cute, even after they bite your face off! πŸ™‚

    Seriously this is what would happen if we took the anti vaxxers absurd way of thinking to its logical conclusion.