New study shows comments more convincing when expressed in ALL CAPS

Caps lock button closeup

A new study from the Natural Green Health Science Journal has concluded that when refuting science claims concerning things like cancer, vaccines, vitamins, etc. it is more valid when you express your thoughts using ALL CAPITALS LETTERS.

The study looked at message board posts and comments on health related articles from Facebook, Twitter, Forbes and CNN. They concluded that the more capital letters that commenters used, the more validity their claims held.

“When you are trying to refute something all “sciency”, it is best to use capital letters, especially if you are telling the truth about a conspiracy” says Peter Hall, Naturopath and co-author of the study.

The prevailing theory behind the phenomenon is that when thoughts or comments concerning conspiracies, vaccines, healthcare, etc. are expressed in all capital letters, other readers take your rants more seriously; After all, people would not risk posting in all capital letters unless what they were saying is the truth right?

The full study will be published SOMETIME IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS.


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