New anti-vaccer in over his head, fakes it through conversation at Autism One

CHICAGO, IL – Randy Gervais, a new member of the anti-vaccine cult, got in over his head at the recent Autism One conference in Chicago. Gervais got stuck in a conversation with long-time anti-science and anti-vaccine advocate Zen Honeycutt and was unable to keep up with everything Honeycutt was spewing.

“She was going on about chemtrails, vaccines, GMOs, and how they all relate to autism. I was just there because I was bored and needed a good, solid conspiracy theory to latch onto to pass my time,” explained Gervais. “When she stopped talking and looked to me for a response, I kind of stuttered and just agreed with her and then mumbled something about the government and Big Pharma. She seemed to eat it up.”

Gervais is not alone in the anti-vaccine world, with many new cult members often not realizing what they are in fact getting into.



“When I first waded in the anti-vaccine world, I had no idea I also had to support bleach and coffee enemas on children” -Laura Furlong.





“All I wanted to do was post articles on Facebook so my friends would think I was cool and against the mainstream” – Jace Crowly.

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