Naturopaths, chiropractors still believe they are actual doctors, study finds

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A new study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), found that a whopping 98% of naturopaths and chiropractors truly believe they are real doctors.

“Of course we are real doctors, if anything we areĀ moreĀ qualified that MD’s,” said “doctor” Paul Therrault, naturopath. “Just because we don’t learn about real medicine and science doesn’t make us any less of a real doctor. We learn way more about chakras, subluxations, and magic water than any MD has or ever will.”

Over the years it has been proven time and time again that both chiropractors and naturopaths do not receive nearly the same amount of training in medicine and science as medical doctors do, but this has never stopped them from claiming to be equal or superior.

“The only thing I would say naturopaths and chiropractors do better than real doctors is marketing and selling,” said David Orac, MD, PhD. “They are some of the best snakeoil salesmen around and often make lots of money from selling their miracle cures.”

There are indications that this trend will continue and naturopaths and chiropractors will continue to believe they are just as medically competent (if not more so) than medical doctors.

“I’m a real doctor you know,” said Billy DeMoss, fake doctor. “Doctor. Doctor. Natural. Healing. Green. Big Pharma.”


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