Marijuana rally doesn’t go as planned

A group of marijuana activists in Vancouver, Canada held a rally this past weekend to encourage the government to legalize marijuana. The rally did not go as well as hoped. First off, the organizers of the event showed up nearly an hour late and visibly intoxicated or “high” and were unclear of what they had planned to do.

“I like, didn’t really remember ya know? Like, what I was supposed to do or whatever” explained Robert Marle, co-creator of the rally.

Unfortunately, things didn’t get much better from there: as other protesters slowly started showing up, the weed began to flow and marijuana brownies were passed around the crowd. One rally attendee even showed up with a case of beer to drink – the goal was to show that alcohol was more dangerous that pot.

Marle did manage to get up on a make-shift stage with a microphone and get the crowd pumped up with chants of “Free the Weed! Free the Weed!”

After this small speech, the crowd was encouraged to light up their joints, bongs, etc. in defiance of the government. Unfortunately for Marle and the other rally goers about an hour later most of the rally attendees were either asleep or had left to go find snacks at the local corner store.

At last report the only person left standing and partying was the one guy who brought beer.

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