Dr. Bob Sears new book "I Can't Believe They Still Let Me Practice Medicine" to go on sale this week

LOS ANGELES, CA – Dr. Bob Sears, known un-affectionately as “Dr. Bob” to his temporary patients, will release another book this week chronicling his disbelief that the American Medical Association continue to allow him to practice medicine.

imageedit_1_3530237484Dr. Bob is known for offering his patients the chance to catch vaccine-preventable diseases by delaying vaccines.

“Honestly, I can’t believe they still let me do this” said Dr. Bob. “I make so much money off of these parents fears it’s ridiculous.”

Many parents in California and across the country flock to Dr. Bob so that they can push their anti-vaccine views and beliefs onto their children yet still feel like they are doing the right thing because a “doctor” said it was ok.

“Why would a doctor tell me delaying vaccines was ok? Just to sell me a bunch of books and dvds? I don’t think so,” said one anti-vaccine mom. “I’ve been saving up money for months to travel and see Dr. Bob to not give my child vaccines. Totally worth it.”

The new book will retail for $29.99 and will be available on Dr. Bob’s website and in his clinic.


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