Doctor amazed by patient who has "done her research"

Local pediatrician Dr. Amy Harrison was blown away by the breadth of knowledge the mother of her new patient, 2 year-old Madison Legge, seemed to know about health and medicine.

“She has clearly done her research when it comes to things like vaccines and herbal medicine,” explained Dr. Harrison. “In medical school we don’t get any training on nutrition or natural medicine at all; we just get classes on how to push pills and convince parents to inject autism juice (vaccines) into their children. This mother has really opened my eyes.”

Dr. Harrison was so moved by Mrs. Legge’s mind blowing knowledge that she is considering leaving her practice and opening a new detox and natural health clinic as well as an online store.

“I reached out to a few naturopaths and chiropractors in the area about my plans and they couldn’t respond fast enough. Apparently the idea of having a real doctor on their side really got them excited,” explained Dr. Harrison.

For now, Dr. Harrison will continue to work at the children’s clinic at her local hospital and will simply open an online store selling various miracle cures.

“I’ve always wanted to cure juvenile diabetes and this is my chance,” explained Dr. Harrison. “It turns out I can pretty much sell anything and say anything I want about it without any clinical trials or evidence. All I need to do is get a few anecdotes from parents saying it worked and it will start flying off the proverbial shelves.”

Many alternative health advocates are applauding the move, but also warning the good doctor that she may become a target of Big Pharma.

*Update: Dr. Harrison has been assassinated.


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