Breaking: 9/11 was a false flag vaccine/chemtrail experiment orchestrated by Monsanto

Breaking: 9/11 was a false flag vaccine/chemtrail experiment orchestrated by Monsanto

NEW YORK, NY – In a scathing report obtained by The Science Post, researchers have found new evidence which points to the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center being a false flag event.

“We have evidence from numerous unverified sources that the whole 9/11 attack was perpetuated by Monsanto and involved both vaccines and chemtrails,” said Alex Jones. “At this point, we wouldn’t put anything past Monsanto and Big Pharma. They are evil incarnate.”

Some people who are still asleep refuse to believe report, simply because it lacks “evidence”.

“They keep saying all this stuff about 9/11, vaccines, chemtrails, Monsanto, etc. but have shockingly little evidence to back it up,” said skeptic Phil Novello. “With this particular conspiracy theory, they seem to have just chosen a bunch of things they don’t like and jumbled them into one giant fairy tale.”

Alex Jones and Mike Adams from Natural News are calling the report “explosive” and “shocking” but fear that the mainstream media will never pick up on it.

“Monsanto and Big Pharma own all the major media networks, so I’m not surprised this is only getting coverage on websites that have the words natural, green and truth in their name.”

The Science Post will update this story as more (if any) evidence becomes available.


  • Jeff Lindquist

    So where is the report?

    • Chris

      The dragon in Carl Sagan’s garage is using it as nesting material. 😉

    • Secret. It has to be protected from the government’s mind control rays.

      • Nightshade1972

        Shh! You weren’t supposed to tell him that!

        *Worried, furtive glance*

    • Raider Rising

      I am using it for toilet paper.

    • Poiks

      It’s right there next to your sense of irony.

  • Dean Farrell

    You know, Monsanto sank the Titanic.

    • Braindeadmonkeyface

      That was unintentional. They were adjusting the salinity of the ocean to keep the water from levitating into space, and used too much glyphosate.

      • Hugh Phoenix-Hulme

        Titanic’s principal failure occurred when it encountered a large piece of solidified Dihydrogen Monoxide floating in the ocean.

        • Rick Steele

          You forgot to mention toxic.

    • The Titanic never sank. It is in the Bermuda Triangle UFO landing zone, coordinating with the Pentagon on Monsanto’s chemtrail geoengineering platform. The Titanic was the first false flag. David Cameron was hired to cover it up with Hollywood which is how Leonardo DiCaprio found out, hence why he secretly supported the Vaxxed film release but DeNiro took the hit on his behalf. Do your research.

      Whew! Ok that was exhausting to write.

    • Z B

      Because it had a hold full of heirloom seeds.

    • Tor Iver Wilhelmsen

      Hah, Titanic didn’t sink it was all just staged by actors. I know, I have seen the film.


  • AnotherUser

    This piece is poorly researched. I have evidence that the shooter on the grassy knoll was also involved.

  • Evil Genius

    The Loch Ness Monster has rumoured at been heard to be denying unsubstantiated gossip that the Fluoride Poisoning of the world water supplies had nothing to do with the Swiss Gnomes bankrolling the Illuminanti ‘s shadow puppet plot and has said that its just pure coincidence that 9/11 happened to be a date in September.

  • Steve Mushynsky

    This is all intentional redirection to prevent the masses from learning the essential Truth of The Flat Earth!

    • I am a Knower of 4 corner simultaneous 24 hour Days that occur within a single 4 corner rotation of Earth.

  • crizz1066

    What am utter pile of crap numerous unverified sources. Sound like just repeating crap your mates say.

    • Alexander Grimsmo

      I’d do some research before knocking it.

      • crizz1066

        This this is satire

    • Andrew Stanford

      Good god…. have you no clue that this is a SATIRE SITE?!? smdh…. the future is fucked.

      • crizz1066

        If you’d bother to look at the comment above, you’d noticed I’d Relied this. No wonder future is fucjked if we’ve had people like you leading the way!!!

  • Another triumph for the science of proctomancy, uncovering conspiracies since the dawn of the Illuminati.

  • Larry Bragg

    I knew it!

  • Lee Spaner


  • NoCrossNoCrescent

    I am suspecting Alex Jones has something to hide. It cannot be a mere coincidence that he uses the word “explosive” in a piece about 9/11-surely it is a Freudian slip.

  • Kevin Joslin

    Would you like a feather to set off that tinfoil hat?

  • Longbowgun

    Mental health care availability is more important than ever.

  • cenk2000

    WOW!!! I wrote a book on all of the toxins I was exposed to. I believe that there is plenty of evidence that we are being poisoned. I call my book, “Exposing the Dangers and True Motivations of Conventional Medicine a summary of the most commonly misdiagnosed illnesses of modern medicine!!!” also see

  • Justin Bishop

    Evidence from numerous UNVERIFIED sources. Seems legit. I don’t know about you, but I think I would want to look into my own sources before I went and made a fool of myself on the internet. I mean, a little bit of thinking should be relevant in this case. Maybe I’m just not one of the mindless drones this article is targeting.

    • Zapp

      Good catch Justin. Nice sense for details you’ve got there. Impressive. Really.

      • Steven Tompkin

        Does he get it? I’m not sure he does? Can’t be that oblivious, surely?

  • Don Bagley

    I liked the one about all the Jews leaving the trade center early that day.

  • ramadis

    so now islam is vindicated? alqaeda is now st. alqaeda? good, i have never been to new york and no interest, but i will tell you this, America has lost its senses, moreover extra infiltrated by her killer enemy, i wish them good luck, we hope russia and china will not fall the same way.

    • Actually, Zeus struck down the towers with two bolts of lightning. First, this proves the theory there were actually no planes. Second, Islam was blamed because no one believes in Zeus anymore besides Internet Wiccans.

    • Rob Bixby

      I love how you can’t tell fake news from real, even when at the top of the website it says its satire.

  • Slartibart

    I don’t know what i more scary – that someone could come up with something like this or that I know som people that would believe this shit.

  • Jedimom

    A true report would remain unbiased

  • nude0007

    unnamed researchers, unnamed authors of report, unverified sources…
    It’s almost like they just made it up out of thin air. EXACTLY like that, actually. LOL

  • Brandon Roberts

    hey you forgot the evidence that they did it to keep the reptillian flat earth a secret so we’d buy more globes and all become atheists. the evidence is obama called a guy lizard there’s nothing else that can mean to my unstable mind! 😀

  • Brian O’Connell

    Guiliani did it. All the way back when he was AG, and looked the other way when the WTC went over budget and signed contracts with the mob to provide sub par steel and concrete to complete the towers on schedule. Actually, now that I think about it, if you look at 1970’s construction photo, you might notice the two points where the towers began to collapse, it just happens to be where they would have started using those materials.

    • Rob Bixby

      But that would mean that the right’s hero was actually a major contributor to one of the greatest tragedies of our time! It doesn’t fit the prescribed narrative! Fake news!

  • xbj

    Bernie will get to the bottom of it.

  • Brighten Tompkins


  • heckubiss

    lol. Trolling the trolls who troll the trolls

  • Jynxie Wavemaiden Copeland

    What completely stupid moronic idiot wrote this bullshit?

  • Sam Alessi

    I do not like Monsanto but I’m sorry I cannot believe this BS.

    • Chris

      Then look carefully, deer sir, at any page on teh internets that you see. Inspect them well.

      Perhaps you should start with the main title of the blog, and attempt to decipher the three words listed below. Do tell us about those three words, and give us the meaning of the third.

      Then scroll down down down to the very bottom… Ay! The deepest depths of this site and tell us what the strange words that are written on the lowest line of this page are. What can it mean?

      Oh, no! What can it mean!? Will the mysteries be kept hidden forever? Seek, and you shall find.

      (Seriously, dude. Don’t believe everything you read online, and at least try to do a ctrl-F for the word “satire.” It is not like it was hiding.)

      • Sam Alessi

        So, I stated I don’t believe the article and you think I did. Where does freedom of speech end and
        BS begin … I’m beginning to read less and less because I don’t have time do decipher every word … perhaps you think it’s fun. and I do hate Monsanto raping our earth to make sure everyone is roundup ready … are you:?

        • Chris

          Ah, you poor little snowflake. Perhaps you should stick to safe websites that don’t require any kind of independent thinking.

          • Sam Alessi

            Sorry I don’t match down to your level .. get busy correcting everyone that doesn’t match yours.

          • Chris

            Who do you think are the targets of this site’s satire? You are a perfect example. Thanks for your righteous indignation, it was adorable.

          • Sam Alessi

            You call it satire, I call it BS and I’m not a dorable.

          • Chris

            Well you do provide some nice chuckles because your hilarity is so cute.

          • Damo

            What’s a dorable?

          • Eduardo

            OK! Now you uncovered yourself!
            You are trolling us, right?


          • SteelerTom

            Dude! The title of the site says it is satire. You are not adorable, you are sad.

      • Timothy Jones

        Chis you can’t even write, why should I believe that you can see? It’s bollocks, pure and simple.

        • Chris

          See what? The fact this is a satire site? The following words are actually at the bottom of this page: “All stories are made up. Seriously.”

          • Marsha L. Prastein Woerner

            You should all just lighten up! I don’t see the words “All stories are made up. Seriously.”, but I know from experience that this particular site is a satire site. On the other hand, I don’t expect that everyone can know that offhand! I personally believe that simply pointing that out is a lot more effective than berating someone for not having realized it! As for errors in grammar and spelling, it’s better to assume that people don’t have English as a first language or can’t type or just unwittingly made errors! I personally am a stickler for grammar and spelling, but there is a time and a place; this is neither!

          • Chris

            I am not the one being the spelling/grammar pedant, and am in fact laughing at the them as they clutch their pearls at the sarcasm on a satire site. (I use “teh internets” on purpose because it is an old joke, and “deer” is just because it amuses me to think of these guys with antlers and facing the lights of an oncoming car)

            I do wonder about folks like Mr. Jones in an era of smartphones where folks type on tiny keyboards and have to endure the randomness of autocorrect. What do they do, go apoplectic over simple typos?But then again, I also wonder about people who reply to a two month old comment.

          • SteelerTom

            No. Seriously. Go all the way to the bottom of the page. The words are there. “All stories are made up. Seriously.”
            The title at the top says “satire”.
            There is no excuse for anyone reading articles on this site not to know they are fake.

      • John Snow

        Learn how to type, spell, and construct sentences.

  • Eduardo


  • HeckSpawn

    Sorry. I can’t believe a story like this until I see a reputable news organization repeating it.

    Like the National Enquirer or the Weekly World News…

  • Sindi Linette

    So this is where Info Wars does all their research.

    • Mark H Wandrey

      You mean Huffpo.

      • Michael Hill

        So you are a HuffHO! How much do you charge, cock holster?

        • Rob Bixby

          Way to keep it respectful

        • terryfisher_vor

          Need your fix eh?

  • Robert King

    Good God, this is funny! The Onion needs more content like this. Well done!

  • Misthiocracy

    A little too “on the nose”. Lacks the subtlety of great satire. Still, if you keep working at it, you’ll get there!

  • John Anderson
  • Dustin Miller

    Bullshit! Dont tell me what Alex Jones “said”! I dont need you phony pieces of garbage to tell me what real journalists say! Another cheesey hit-piece on Alex?! You guys are pathetic! And all the kings horses and all the kings minions can never put your bullshit narrative back together again!

    • BenRichey

      Can’t tell if sarcasm or just off meds.

  • Idon Wannatellu

    If you will look at the top left or bottom of the page you will notice the word “SATIRE”. Since this is beyond some folks here is the definition:
    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
    synonyms: mockery, ridicule, derision, scorn, caricature; More
    a play, novel, film, or other work that uses satire.
    plural noun: satires
    “a stinging satire on American politics”
    synonyms: parody, burlesque, caricature, lampoon, skit; More
    a genre of literature characterized by the use of satire.

    Still believe it? Well… God speed goober…. god speed.

    • Primal Scream

      That’s the first thing I do with any ‘NEWS’ report, is check to see if it is a satire website. Some people are so gullible they will believe anything.

  • BenRichey

    I love that there is an ad for “fat melting” apple cider vinegar at the bottom of this article. Satire and reality are merging and the singularity will end us.

  • Kelly A

    it’s true. also aliens love my butthole.

  • terryfisher_vor

    This should be your first clue. “We have evidence from numerous unverified sources”

  • @##wE$RtT

    what a crock of crap this article is…

  • Rick Lutes

    “I’m not surprised this is only getting coverage on websites that have the words natural, green and truth in their name”
    Be careful!!! Our Reptilian Overlords are naturally green, and that is the truth.

    • Nelson Kerr

      It is only getting limited coverage because they are only a limited numbers ff site that will allow the idiotic and insane to post fake news.