Anti-vaxxers worried Facebook, YouTube setting dangerous precedent

Anti-vaccine advocates are getting worried that the new globalist elite crackdown by YouTube and Facebook can eventually find its way to them.

Earlier today both Facebook and YouTube cancelled and blocked Alex Jones’ conspiracy juggernaut Info Wars for breaking their terms of service concerning hate speech and inciting violence.

“This is the deep state communist global elitists in full effect and it scares the hell out of me,” said anti-vaccine advocate Meryl Dorey. “I mean what’s next? Are they going to shutdown people like me who encourage parents to skip vaccines and give their children dangerous diseases? What about YouTube videos exposing the truth about cancer? Videos about how people should stop taking their diabetes medication? Where does it end?”

To anyone who fails to understand the First Amendment, this is clearly a violation.

“Facebook and YouTube can’t just decide who gets to use their websites. If you make a website, you have to let anyone use it and say whatever they want; that’s the law,” explained Jones. “Except for my website where I reserve the right to delete any comment I don’t like and ban users.”

As of press time, Jones is still frothing at the mouth and anti-vaxxers are still idiots.


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