Anti-vaccers voted Worst People on Facebook

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Poll results collected by Facebook, Inc. were released today revealing that anti-vaccine advocates are “the worst” people on Facebook. The results are as follows in reverse order:

7. The vague sympathy seeker (users who post something vague about their health, hoping for people to ask them what’s wrong. i.e. “Got some bad news today 🙁 I will get through this!!”)

6. People who share nothing but click-bait links

5. Conspiracy theory nuts (chemtrail believers were the worst subgroup in this category)

4. Users who post a picture of every meal they eat

3. The borderline racist (users who post something almost racist, then comment “just sayin”)

2. Any member of “The Food Babe Army”

1. Anti-vaccers

The researchers were not surprised by the results, especially since Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently recommended On Immunity by Eula Biss as part of his book club and the anti-vaccine cult members went crazy.

“We know they are among the worst people on Facebook and this just confirms it,” said Zuckerberg. “Maybe one day we can rid Facebook of all of them and in the process probably save some children’s lives. We are working on that as we speak.”

We will keep you updated with any developments.


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