Anti-vaccer blogs about trip around the world…mysteriously has no entries for the past week

Anti-vaccine and anti-science advocate David Flynn had saved up his money (even going as far as limiting himself to only 1 bottle of detox supplements a month) in order to go on his dream vacation of a trip around the world. Flynn refused any and all travel vaccinations as recommended by the CDC, WHO, friends, family and anyone he knew who was rational.

“I don’t get any vaccines, don’t eat GMOs and protect myself from chemtrails with supplements and vinegar sprays. I am a very healthy person, I think I’ll be ok,” laughed Flynn.

Flynn brought along his smart phone and Macbook to blog about his experience. The first few weeks seemingly went very well for Flynn as he met several interesting people (although his blog does mention some people stopped talking to him when he tried to open their minds to “the truth”).

However, the last few blog entries paint a much different story:

“Day two in South America, just crossed into Brazil. Haven’t been feeling that great the last few days with fever and chills. Taking my supplements and using my essential oils but they don’t seem to be working as much as I’d hoped. Going to sleep it off.”

A few days later and this is the last entry on the blog:

– “Hold up in my hostel, can barely move. Everyone telling me I should go to the doctor since I visited an area known to be endemic with yellow fever, influenza, hepatitis and meningococcal disease. Pfft. My body is a temple and I will not contaminate it with Big Pharma drugs. Using the last of my supplements and super minerals. Should be fine by the morning.”

Unfortunately, there have been no more entries since this one over a week ago and no one has heard from Mr. Flynn either. Family and friends are fearing the worst, but Facebook friends in anti-vaccine groups are sure everything is fine.


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