Anti-vaccine former doctor Andrew Wakefield accidentally blocks himself on Twitter

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Former doctor Andrew Wakefield, the darling of the anti-vaccine and anti-science movement, is known for blocking people who present facts about vaccines on Twitter; according to reports, he accidentally blocked himself yesterday after reading some of his own tweets.

“I was reading some tweets I thought were from somebody else and accidentally clicked the “block” button,” explained Mr. Wakefield. “It was an honest mistake, just like when I failed to disclose my conflicts of interest when I wrote that paper that one time.”

Mr. Wakefield quickly contacted Twitter and informed them of the mistake.

“I was able to unblock myself within a few hours, so that was great. Next time I will try not to have such a callous disregard for the block function,” said Wakefield.

Reports also indicate that several Big Pharma shills had a good laugh at the former doctor’s expense. Something they have done for nearly 20 years.


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