Woman spends all day searching internet for vaccine stories to embarrass herself in comments

Local anti-vaccer Sheila Doughtry, 41, spends most of her days on the internet searching for any story related to vaccines in order to leave anti-vaccine comments.

“I like to seek out stories on pro-vaccine blogs and drop what I like to call “truth bombs” and watch their heads explode,” laughed Doughtry. “They usually reply with evidence and science and I just laugh.”

Doughtry has been seen lurking in the comment sections of articles on Facebook, the Washington Post, Forbes, and many pro-vaccine websites and blogs.

“She has a couple different aliases she uses but we can usually tell its her,” said Dr. James Smith. “She also switches between being vaccine-injured herself, having a son who died of vaccines, being a nurse, being a paediatrician, a whole bunch of different things.”

Doughtry defended herself saying all those things are true and she uses whatever she thinks will help the most: “I am a vaccine-injured former nurse who became a paediatrician after my son died from vaccines. Pretty simple.”

Look for Sheila in the comment section of the next vaccine related article you see, she’ll be the one claiming vaccines are dangerous and cause autism without providing any scientific proof.

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