Scientists predict by 2022 all online conversations will consist of nothing but memes

A team of researchers at Facebook released the results of a new study today which predicts the end of all online conversations and comments. Instead, they will consist of nothing but memes.

“Right now, around 30% of all comments on Facebook are memes, up 10% from last year” said CEO and pharma shill Mark Zuckerberg. “If the rate of growth remains steady, we will hit 100% sometime in 2022.”

The researchers from Facebook also teamed up with data scientists from Livefyre and Disqus, who have also seen a very steady growth in meme usage.

“We are right on par with Facebook comments when it comes to memes” said Disqus scientist James Neal. “We pooled our data and got pretty much the same result: 100% by around 2022.”

The scientists from all three companies encourage everyone to get out there and start mining comment sections for memes.

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