Thousands rush to exchange online medical degree for Google PhD in foreign policy

After spending the better part of two years using their online medical degrees to post.

Wearing a mask may help protect against deadly chemtrails, new study finds

In a new study from Harvard University, researchers concluded that wearing mask to cover your.

Scientist disappointed to learn grad school was a waste of money

Thomas Lowry, PhD, is extremely dissapointed after realizing all the money and time he spent.

FDA gives full approval to Pfizer vaccine, anti-vaccers move goalposts in record speed

“We new this day would come, and we were prepared,” says anti-vaccine, pro-covid supporter Dr..

Pack a day smoker worried Covid vaccine may be unsafe

Tampa, FL – Pack a day smoker and health freedom advocate Mary Campbell, 53, is.

COVID-19 officially endorses Donald Trump for President

COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) has come out and officially endorsed Donald Trump for President. “He.