Polio hoping for a comeback at Universal Studios

With the recent outbreak of measles at Disneyland in California due to anti-vaxxers, Polio is aiming for a comeback of it’s own on the east coast.

“One can dream,” said Polio. “Measles was eliminated from the US through the use of the vaccine, but now that people trust conspiracy theory websites and celebrities more than doctors, all of us vaccine-preventable diseases have a chance to come back.”

Polio knows it’s chances are slim, since it has essentially been eradicated from the US since 1979 and in the Western Hemisphere since 1991 but it is still hopeful.

“I saw measles a few months ago at a party and we joked about how we are both old news, and now look at him. I know how grateful he is to the anti-vaxxers and the scientifically illiterate. They have done so much for measles and I am hopeful they can do the same for me.”

Many anti-vaccine advocates are applauding the outbreak and seem happy that children are getting sick and possibly dying or getting serious complications from the measles.

“If they are this excited about the measles, imagine how happy they will be when children start getting polio again!” said an excited polio.

Polio is considering a Kickstarter campaign to help their cause.

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