OP Ed: Fluoride and water are BOTH toxic

OP Ed by Lanny Williams:

In a breaking story from the Lancet, fluoride has been declared toxic. That’s right, the chemical being pumped into your water supply and in your toothpaste has been classified as “toxic” by the Lancet. Technically the paper was just a re-hash of an old paper, written by the same author and known anti-fluoride quack.…but still, it’s toxic.

Another shocking revelation came out as well – water is also a toxic chemical. Again, yes…you read that correctly, water is a chemical. If taken in high enough doses, water can actually kill you. The pharmaceutical companies love to tell you that everything is poison and it’s all about the dosage that determines if something is lethal or not. They tell you that about vaccines too, how many of the scary sounding chemical elements in vaccines are so small that they can’t possibly be harmful. Pfft…those pesky scientists with their medical degrees and PhD’s trying to tell ME facts about science and medicine.

So what about all those memes you see on the internet? What about all those blogs and Facebook groups about the evils of vaccines and GMOs? Surely they can’t all be wrong can they? No, of course not. The internet would never allow that to happen.

So always remember: if you see something on the internet with a picture and words (especially scary sounding chemical words) it HAS to be true.



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