New study suggests Googling just as good as medical school

In a recent study published on the anti-vaccine website Age of Autism, it was determined that spending hours a day Googling health and medical related issues is better than going to medical school.

“Our researchers found that when ordinary anti-science and anti-vaccine individuals Google for extended periods of time, they gain more medical knowledge than a doctor does in 4 years of medical school and 2-8 years of residency and fellowships,” said Anne Dachel of AoA. “This should convince anyone on the internet that if you have “done your research” they should trust you more than any doctor or scientist.”

The study was quite limited in scope, only assessing participants with a predisposition for being against mainstream medicine. Also, the outcomes were measured by the participants filling out a questionnaire asking to rank their own perceived medical knowledge.

“I think we know how to run a study,” laughed John Stone of AoA. “We have been re-interpreting and debunking studies done by universities and scientists for decades now and we always come up with a different conclusion than they did. Even if we can’t, all we have to do is somehow connect one of the authors (or any of their relatives or coworkers) with a pharmaceutical company.  Study debunked.”

The study has not yet been picked up by any major (or minor) science or medicine journals but AoA is hopeful they will be able to get the study published in any one of the many pay-to-publish journals.


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