New Study: Anyone who says, “I have done my research on vaccines” has actually never done any research on vaccines

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A new study from Yale University revealed today that no one who has ever proclaimed to “have done my research on vaccines,” has actually ever done any research on vaccines. Researchers analyzed Facebook posts from over 10,000 individuals who claim to have done such research.

“We contacted these people and asked them where their labs were, what discoveries they made, and where they had published the results of this research,” said the lead author of the study Dr. Karen Reiss. “We were quite surprised to learn that not a single person who claimed to have done research on vaccines actually done any research on vaccines, at least using the definition of research employed by scientists around the world.”

A participant in the study, Mark Pope, disagreed with the conclusions of Dr. Reiss, telling The Science Post, “Today’s vaccines are even more toxic than they have ever been, not to mention completely unnecessary and have become an abusive ploy by the pharmaceutical companies in order to keep us sick so that they can laugh all the way to the bank. Oh and believe me I do lots of research, just not on medical sites where the research is biased and sometimes faked. Most of the children who catch measles have had the shots and there is an alarming increase in other ailments (Asthma, allergies, ADHD, Autism etc…)”

Researchers plan to do further studies on anyone who tells others to “think for themselves” or “wake up!”


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