Local anti-vaccine mother does some math, won’t allow child in car or to eat food

Local mother Nancy Del Grande recently stumbled upon a website showing all the possible causes of death in the United States. After some quick math showed her that dying in a car accident or choking to death on food are much more likely that a serious vaccine reaction, she made the difficult choice to not allow her small child in any car or to eat any food.

“Yes this will be an adjustment, but as a mother you have to do what is best for your child, no matter how hard it is” said Del Grande. “The little guy was pretty upset at the lack of food, but he has settled down since and mostly just sleeps now.”

Family members are urging Del Grande to reconsider and allow her child to eat food again, but the young mother is holding her ground.

“We don’t want to, but we will call Child Protective Services if we have to” said a concerned cousin. “Nobody has seen her or her son in weeks, we fear for his life at this point.”

Del Grande made a recent Facebook post to let everyone know that little Charlie is doing just fine and is being kept extra safe by his mothers new precautions.

“I can’t believe how many parents out there allow their children in cars and to eat food. I pity them and hope the will wake up soon and do some research.”


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