Kool-Aid introduces new Trump flavor, “The most powerful Kool-Aid yet”

trump kool aid

Kool-Aid has announced they will be debuting a new flavor this week called “Trump Orange.” The formula has been tweaked and Kool-Aid CEO says its the most powerful drink they have ever made.

“We know that supporters of the president love to drink his Kool-Aid, so we are forecasting this to be a huge seller for us,” he said. “We’ve had similar¬†flavors in the past which have also done well such as the Anti-Vaccine Berry Blast, Alex Jones Town Grape, and Flat Earth Strawberry Jam. We are confident this will surpass all of those.”

Scientists have long studied the “Kool-Aid” factor, whereby seemingly intelligent people believe something outrageous hook, line and sinker simply because they want to or it is someone simply parroting what the want to hear.

“I am very excited about this new flavor,” said anti-vaccine Trump supporter Cheryl Jenkins. “I love Trump. I hate vaccines. I love ‘Merica.”

The new flavor is set to go on sale this week for 10 times the regular price, but the company is sure people will pay whatever they charge. The only fear they have is that CNN or the New York Times may report on the new flavor and Trump and his supporters will assume the announcement is fake.


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