Integrative psychologist disagrees with planned surgical approach for patient’s skull-based tumor

Integrative psychologist, Dr. Catherine Davis, voiced a strong opposition to the planned neurosurgical approach being considered for a patient of hers, Dana Kaplan. Ms. Kaplan, a 43 year-old mother of 4 was diagnosed with a clivus chordoma this summer when she started experiencing problems with her balance and swallowing.

The tumors, though rare and benign, often grow to a large size before causing symptoms by impinging on the brainstem.

Given the size of the tumor, her neurosurgeon, who has performed hundreds of skull-based operations, planned on using the lateral skull base approach (the so-called “middle fossa approach”).

However, Dr. Davis strongly disagreed, noting that “recently, transnasal endoscopic and endoscopic-assisted approaches have been added to the armamentarium of skull base surgeons. My research strongly indicates that this is the optimal surgical technique for modern-day skull-based tumors.”

Giving medical advice that contradicts the recommendations of every major medical society around the world in fields in which she lacks training and credentials is a familiar experience for Dr. Davis, who has previously advised patients to have home-births, and to avoid vaccines, fluoride, statins, chemotherapy, and GMOs.

“In a medical culture driven by outdated and pharmaceutically driven interventions, someone has to be an advocate for my patients. That is my role,” Dr. Davis told The Spudd.

Proud member of the flock. Possibly evil.