I believe vaccines cause autism and climate change is a hoax

One of the most popular memes of the pro-vaxx movement is the one which features the “hippie girl” and her supposedly contradictory beliefs that climate change is settled science, while at the same time doubting the science on vaccines and pharma drugs, specifically anti-depressants. It is clever. I’ll give it that. It makes it seem like a person can only deny certain types of science. But it is wrong. People can deny all types of science.

Honestly, the meme just shows the bias of the pro-vaxx movement, believing that every “anti-vaxxer” is a liberal hippie with dreadlocks. They forget about people like me- anti-vaxxers who also believe climate change is a plot by liberal environmentalists and university professors who need to keep their jobs and keep the grants coming. But here I am, and there are hundreds of thousands more like me! For every crunchy liberal anti-vaxxer who accepts climate change, there is also a conservative one who believes the earth is 6,000 years old and climate change is a hoax.

I implore any pro-vaxxer reading this, please don’t make assumptions about my acceptance of climate change “science” just because I believe vaccines cause autism. I am free to deny whatever else I want.



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