Gluten-free, anti-vaccine, chemtrail believing, anti-GMO natural mom wins award

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LOS ANGELES, CA – The first annual Mommy Awards were held this past weekend in Los Angeles, California honoring the best mothers in the country. Elisha Randall took home the top prize of “Mom of the Year” for the way she is raising her two daughters, Neveah and Spring.

“It’s a huge honor,” said Randall. “You do your best as a mother to do what is best for your kids, and you never expect to be recognized for it. You just do it.”

Mrs. Randall has never fed her children anything containing gluten, anything genetically modified or non-organic, regularly sprays vinegar into the air to ward off chemtrails and of course is fiercely anti-vaccine.

“The fact that Mrs. Randall has been able to provide the kind of life she does for her children is exemplary and should be emulated and celebrated,” said host John Stone. “Even when both of her children got sick with the measles and chicken pox and spent days in the pediatric intensive care unit, she never wavered from what she just knew was right.”

Mrs. Randall says she plans on writing a book about how to raise healthy children, even though she has no education in anything even remotely medical or health related.

The book will be sold on various anti-vaccine websites with the proceeds going to the pockets on the website owners.

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