Food Babe’s high school report card uncovered by The Spudd Times

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Late last night we were contacted by an anonymous individual who claimed to have a copy of The Food Babe’s high school report card.

Upon examination, this appears to be authentic. It seems Ms. Hari was excelling at marketing while struggling with science, even while in high school.

We have reached out former teachers at Dunning Kruger High, but our calls were not returned.


Report Card


  • Ken

    This does, indeed, appear to be authentic. Well done, Spudd. Describes Food Bimbo perfectly.

  • nickster

    It’s satire. The Dunning Kruger effect describes people who are unconsciously incompetent, hence Dunning Kruger High School.

    • DKeane123

      I missed that, excellent catch.

  • saint23thomas

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