FBI secretly collecting your DNA, says whistleblower

An FBI agent (who will be referred to as ‘Murphy’ for the purposes of anonymity), has recently gotten in contact with me detailing alarming information everyone needs to know.

There is a secret world wide database filing the DNA and medical information of a large percentage of the world. Murphy began,


“If you have ever been to a doctor, chances are we have your information.”


“It began in the 1960s in America and slowly more doctors were bought off. It would be fair to say at least 92% of doctors worldwide have been paid for this information, then they started paying off other medical professionals as well. It started off as an easier way to solve crimes like murder, but it has gotten out of hand. If you have had a blood test your DNA is put into this file, as well as the results of all the blood tests you have had. Key people in police agencies around the world can access the database for whatever they deem fit. No warrant needed.”

The problem is nobody knows about this yet. So please share and use #dontsavemyDNA

If we create enough noise we can make a difference.


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