Donald Trump’s lawyers order The Science Post to remove all “fake news” about him

Donald Trump’s lawyers order The Science Post to remove all “fake news” about him

You can’t make this stuff up.

We have just been served with a cease and desist letter from Trump’s general counsel ordering us to remove any and all “fake news” stories concerning the President.

We received the letter late last night:

“With this background in mind, it has come to our attention that you have repeatedly posted and shared false stories and news about Mr. Trump which may impact his reputation and brand value. Please be advised that the continued use of this Domain to spread such false and defamatory articles will result in legal action as this is the very definition of libel.” (updated version directly from the letter)

Alan Garten, executive vice president and chief legal officer at The Trump Organization.

We’re not sure how a little science site making up satirical articles about the mental health and general dimwittedness of the President can be perceived as a threat, but there we go.

We’ll keep you posted with any developments, but for now we are not removing our stories about Trump. We have sent a letter back for clarification.

-The Science Post Team.

Here is a pdf of the letter*

*We still have not had any conformation that this is legitimate or not. We have reached out to the Trump Organization but have not received a response.


  • Jim Karcher


  • Nutrition prof

    so he really is interested in science then? (tried to insert “rolling eyes” pic…but couldn’t)

  • taverner

    Satire is protected, so you’re good. Keep up the excellent work!

  • Maarten Van Der Boek

    Just send ‘m back a letter saying: “Done! The true facts remain.”

  • Mike AQ

    Maybe… Tronald Dump the Russian Puppet can go fuck himself?

  • Sue Cole

    I feel like if all the news stopped reporting on Trump he would have a nuclear melt down! It would help this country get to the truth and not the song and dance freak show that is Trump’s White House!

  • Jason Bistodeau

    But now the question begs: is THIS another brilliant bit of satire by Science Post, or is this legit? SP, if you weren’t so good at what you do, I would not be asking such a question! Maybe post the actual letter/email you guys received so we can see it for ourselves?

  • Geoff Offermann

    Please tell me THIS is satire as well.

  • Scott Rangus

    Hmmm, I don’t recall seeing any satirical or witty posts when Obama was president. Certainly there was plenty of material to work with.

    • Brandice Lea Leger Strotman

      In case you are serious and not joking, use the search feature on this site to find all the Obama stories.

    • Chris
    • Darren O’Brien

      Then you should have written one. What’s your point?

    • Ken S., As Seen On Watch Lists

      I’m the one who fell on my head, but you’re the one who got the brain damage? Sorry, Scott.

  • As a famous satirist wrote: DON’T PANIC. As noted, it’s probably fake. First of all, any kind of a “cease and desist” order would certainly be delivered with proof of delivery or registered, not simply ordinary postage.

  • Michael Jenkins

    Pretty sure this is covered under the first amendment but what does Trump know about the constitution.

  • Lee Allen Grandmaison

    Satire is protected under the free speech laws of the US, if I recall correctly.

    You should be fine.

  • Brad McCulloch

    isn’t truth a legitimate defense against libel?

  • THX1138

    Since this is a satirical site, I honestly don’t know how to interpret this.

  • Dorit Reiss

    Did anyone explain to President Trump and his lawyers that satire is protected speech and not fake news?

    • Mountainwilliam

      That would require a basic understanding of the constitution.

      • Dorit Reiss

        You’d hope the lawyers, at least, would have that.

        • Benjamin Edge

          You might be forgetting how the Bush lawyers justified torture. And nobody in the Trump Administration has shown even the level of competence exhibited by the Bush Admin.

  • Dorit Reiss

    If the letter is real it raises some questions. For example, wasn’t President Trump supposed to step away from his business?

  • Mountainwilliam

    I guess the Trump organization will praise the people who shot up Charlie Hebdo next. You know they had strong leaders and smart cookie in their ranks.

  • Izzy

    Don’t delete anything please. Parody and satire are protected speech. Tell him to suck his own tiny dick.

  • Mark Moss

    My take is that the letter sent to you is bullshit. Any lawyer not graduating from Trump University would know that satire is protected free speech (for now, anyway.) Hey, file as a church then post a ‘sermon’ telling him to kiss your collective asses.

  • Kelli Ann Atcheson-dagny

    “Brand value”. Seems like it’s from the Trump business, which he’s supposed to be separated from (*eye roll*), claiming injury/damage, not the WH lawyers.