Breaking: Sharyl Attkisson owns shares in astroturf company

LAS VEGAS, NV – In one of the worst TEDx talks ever given, Sharyl Attkisson went on an 11 minute rant about how anyone who disagrees with her anti-vaccine, anti-science views and conspiracy theories are all part of a global campaign to silence her: something she calls “astroturfing”.

Attkisson has been promoting her talk rigorously through social media to anyone who will listen, begging people to watch her TEDx talk and find her relevant. The crux of “astroturfing” according to Attkisson, is when someone questions things like vaccines causing autism, they are met by resistance from pro-vaccine/pro-science people. She believes that all of these people are simply part of a big conspiracy and plot to silence those who question authority. This is not unexpected from Attkisson who also claimed her computer files were being erased and hacked after her delete key got stuck…

In a unexpected twist however, The Spudd has learned that Attkisson holds shares in a company which produces astroturf. Could this all be plot by Big Astro? Is Sharyl Attkisson not only a pseudoscience hack journalist but also an Astro Shill?

Attkisson will of course deny this and say this is all part of an astroturfing campaign against her. This is the beauty of her argument: anyone who questions her ideas is part of a fear and smear campaign against her, so she can say whatever she wants and if anyone questions her pseudoscience with say, evidence, she can turn around and say “that’s astroturfing!!!”


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