Breaking: Donald Trump actually born in lala land, not America

WASHINGTON, DC – In a breaking story hitting the newswire this morning, it has been revealed that Donald Trump – Republican presidential candidate and Barack Obama birth certificate truther – was actually born in lala land and not The United States of America.

Trump, known for his anti-islamic and anti-vaccine views, is disputing the claim.

trumpsmall“This is ridiculous. These people are so intimidated by my high IQ and good looks that they are making stuff up to try and discredit me,” said Trump. “You’re fired” he added*.

The Donald is a polarizing figure with many people loving his no nonsense attitude to medicine, vaccines and immigration while many other, smarter people find him crass and annoying.

“I’m not surprised that he was born in lala land to be honest,” said President Obama. “But I assured him being born outside of America will not preclude him from being president. I should know.”

As of press time Mr. Trump was busy trying to obtain a forged US birth certificate.


*The Spudd Times reporter was not fired.


Evil doktor, pharma shill, vaccine chemist, Monsanto spokesperson, GMO lobbyist, chemtrail deployer and false flag organizer.