Area man gets e.coli from organic spinach, still glad he didn't eat a GMO

HOBOKEN, NJ – Area man John Stevens, 29, was taken to hospital over the weekend with food poisoning, which turned out to be e.coli.

According to reports, Stevens said it was all worth it since the spinach was organic.

“I’d rather eat organic and get e.coli or listeriosis than have a GMO enter my body,” he explained. “I bet this e.coli contaminated organic spinach still did less harm to my body than a GMO would have.”

Organic spinach and organic pre-made salads are a big business, selling over 25 million salads a year. Dole CEO Gerard Smith explained that with that many units being sold, the odd contamination is to be expected.

“We sell so many salads, all of which are organic and free from pesticides, so you can’t really get mad at us if a few of them are contaminated with a potentially fatal bacteria,” said Smith. “We will hopefully sweep this under the rug and continue to promote that our salads are organic and therefor better for you and worth twice the price of non-organic salads.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Stevens is not the only person to be affected by the tainted salads. At last count, there were over 15 cases in the US and Canada, however, none of the cases ate a GMO which doctors believe will be their saving grace.


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