Anti-vaccine rally called off due to diphtheria

LOUISVILLE, KY – An anti-vaccine rally was scheduled to take place this morning at a local Louisville park, but was called off after four of the six organizers of the rally had to pull out because their children came down with diphtheria.

“It’s very unfortunate that our little angels got this disease,” said a saddened Penny McCarthy. “Let this be a lesson for all parents out there: be careful if you let your unvaccinated child near another child who has been recently vaccinated. They will shed diphtheria.”

The parents of all four children say their kids contracted the disease from recently vaccinated kids who were “vaccine-shedding”. Two of the children are currently in hospital while the other two are deteriorating fast as the parents have chosen to treat them with homeopathy and unicorn tears.

“If this isn’t proof that we are doing the right thing as parents, I don’t know what is” said McCarthy.

The rally is has been rescheduled for next month.

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