Anti-vaccine doctors confirm Autism worse than death

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In a new study conducted by a group of anti-vaccine doctors, mostly made up of naturopaths and homeopaths, have concluded that having autism is in fact worse than death.

“We looked at several children with vaccine-induced autism and determined that they would be much better off if they were in fact dead,” said co-author and chiropractor Billy DeMoss. “Children who have autism are not equal to regular children. That has been a cornerstone of our anti-vaccine message for years.”

Parents who claim to have vaccine-injured children were also interviewed for the study. Many of the parents agreed with the study authors hypothesis.

“Yes, a large part of me wishes little Timmy was dead, rather than watch him go through life slightly different than his peers,” said Margaret Templeton, mother of one.

Of course, the mainstream medical mafia is speaking out against the study calling it both unscientific and offensive to people with autism spectrum disorder.

“This is terrible. The message these anti-vaccine zealots are sending to these children that they are worthless and would be better off as a corpse is simply astounding,” said Dr. David Oppit, MD. “I really hope none of these children ever read this study, or any of the other offensive diatribe these lunatics are putting out there.”

The authors of the study have reportedly been rejected from every major medical journal and are planning to post the study on an anti-vaccine website instead.


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