Anti-vaccine doctor Bob Sears uses 3D printer to print anecdotes

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Dr. Bob Sears was running out of anecdotes from parents who follow his alternative vaccine schedule and buy his books and dvds. He appears to have solved that problem.

“I bought a new 3D printer with all the money I get from anti-vaccine parents and it is really cool,” said Dr. Bob. “Most anecdotes I get are pretty two dimensional: my child got a vaccine and sometime later got sick. But now I can make my own anecdotes which are 3 dimensional. This is a huge breakthrough.”

Dr. Bob wouldn’t go into too many details about the process, only to say that he believes he has found a way to have a virtually unlimited supply of anecdotes at his disposal.

“I use anecdotes and fear mongering to sell most people on what I do. I was running out of convincing stories from science illiterate parents, but I have found a great solution to that problem” said an excited Dr. Bob.

While most people agree that the plural of anecdote is not data, anti-vaccine and anti-science advocates tend to disagree.

“I’ll take the experience of the parent of a vaccine-injured child over some fancy clinical trial any day,” said Ginger Naylor, self-described free thinker. “All of those studies are just funded by Big Pharma anyways. I trust brave mavericks like Dr. Bob, Dr. Mercola and any other doctor who goes against the mainstream. And also sells stuff.”

Dr. Bob is set to start sharing his newly printed anecdotes sometime in July.

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