What happens to your brain 1 hour after consuming anti-vaccine rhetoric

10 minutes – Your brain cannot believe what you actually just read and assume the person must be being sarcastic.

20 minutes – You investigate the users other comments and realize that no, they are not being sarcastic, they are legitimately completely science-illiterate. Your brain activates the Derp regions of the frontal lobe.

45 minutes – The brain is now accessing the memory portion of your brain, making it impossible to forget what you have just read. The science centers of your brain go into hyperdrive.

60 minutes – You have scoured the internet, pubmed, etc. for evidence to refute the derp you read earlier. Your brain is confident the commenter will understand and change their view. They inevitably do not, and call you all sorts of names. Your brain then quits and realizes some people are beyond saving.


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