Top 10 reasons you and your family should make the switch to gluten-free and organic

People are sicker today than they have ever been before, mostly due to things like vaccines and GMOs. So what can you do? Besides avoiding vaccines, here are the top 10 reasons to go gluten-free and eat only organic food:


1. Feeling of superiority to your friends

2. Easy way to get rid of all that extra money you have lying around

3. Ability to ask people at parties “oh sorry…is that gluten-free?”

4. More time spent in your car to drive to the closest Whole Foods

5. Probably cure yourself of every disease

6. Increased credibility when arguing against GMOs

7. Never have to worry about taste again

8. Always have something to talk about, and talk about it often

9. You can wash off the pesticides from your organic fruit and use it in your own garden

10. The knowledge that you are doing everything right as a parent


These are just ten of the many, many reasons to make a change in your life and embrace the gluten-free, organic, better-than-everyone-else lifestyle.


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