Tom Brady to receive honorary degree in Atmospheric Science from University of Phoenix

tom brady

BOSTON, MA – Tom Brady is set to have some good news to come out of “deflate-gate” scandal, after The University of Phoenix announced today that they would be awarding Brady an honorary degree in Atmospheric Science.

“Mr. Brady has shown outstanding knowledge and practical experience when it comes to issues of air pressure and atmospheric conditions” said University of Phoenix Dean of Online Studies, Nick Campbell. “It is our distinct honor to present Tom with his honorary degree.”

Unfortunately for the school, Brady and his reps haven’t returned any phone calls or emails from the online university.

“We are confident Mr. Brady will attend the ceremony and give the Skype crowd a rousing speech” said Campbell. “This will be the most high profile graduate we have ever had.”

The Science Post has also learned that Bill Belichick is reportedly upset at not being offered the same honor.


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