Pack a day smoker worried Covid vaccine may be unsafe

Tampa, FL – Pack a day smoker and health freedom advocate Mary Campbell, 53, is hesitant to get any COVID-19 vaccine as she fears it may be unsafe.

“I like to know what I am putting into my body and I don’t understand half the ingredients in that thing,” explains Campbell. “I read on the internet it causes blood clots and 5G.”

Doctors and scientists have tried to reassure the public that the vaccine is safe, and the risk of blood clots is less than one in a million; the risk of blood clots caused by smoking is more than a 1000 times greater.

“I don’t care what these paid-for scientists and doctors say, I saw a bunch of chiropractors and naturopaths saying how unsafe this vaccine, and all vaccines for that matter, are to the human immune system.”

Seemingly unaware of the irony, Campbell says doctors once said that smoking wasn’t harmful, “until the socialist governments forced them to say otherwise” and uses that as grounds to continue her habit.

Campbell plans to do more research on the topic, but has sworn off any academic or scientific sources as they are “tainted”.

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