Surgeon saves patient’s life with grueling 21 hour surgery, patient thanks God

female surgeon

In what is being called one of the greatest surgeries ever performed at UCLA Medical Center, Dr. Sarah Lawrence removed a massive brain tumor previously thought to be inoperable during a marathon 21 hour surgery.

The patient, 49 year-old Ben Hamm, is thanking God for his new lease on life.

“He continues to astound me everyday with His miracles. I know God was with me in that OR, and it was surely His hand that saved me.”

Dr. Lawrence is happy with the outcome of the surgery and doesn’t mind not being given the credit by her patient.

“I don’t mind at all” said Lawrence. “I’m just happy everything worked out, we were able to get the whole tumor and that Mr. Hamm is doing okay.”

Interestingly, this is the second time in as many months this has happened to Lawrence. Earlier this summer, she saved a woman from drowning at a public pool. The woman said she prayed while under water and claims God saved her by sending an angel.


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