Study: If you are worried about GMOs and vaccines, life is going pretty well for you

Study: If you are worried about GMOs and vaccines, life is going pretty well for you

A new study from Yale University revealed that people who worry about GMOs and vaccines have pretty damn good lives. The study surveyed over 5,000 Americans and discovered an inverse correlation between those who worried about these issues and those who had serious problems in their lives.

Lead author of the study, Dr. Steve Groski told The Science Post, “We found that if you worried about GMOs, or vaccines, that pretty much guaranteed you were rich, free of serious health issues, employed, white, and had no legal entanglements. Conversely, when we asked people who had to worry where their next meal or paycheck was coming from, vaccines and GMOs were not even on their radar. Oh, and if you are worried that bras cause cancer or Wifi is dangerous, this pretty much puts you in the top 0.1% of people who are doing just fine.”

Luise Maxwell, one of the respondents in the study, told The Science Post that “our children face an unprecedented threat from toxins foisted on them by negligent corporations. The government agencies which are supposed to be looking out for our children are often run by the same executives who ran these industries. It is the fox guarding the hen house.”

“See, I can tell from that alone that Ms. Maxwell won’t soon be sleeping in a domestic violence shelter or getting up at 4 AM to stand in line with 400 other people to grab one of 10 jobs opening at the Walmart,” said Dr. Groski. “Odds are very high, however, that she worries her deodorant is going to give her breast cancer and that gluten will give her leaky gut syndrome. Those are the things which keep her up at night.”


  • People who worry about GMO’s live well, true, but those that impose GMO’s on others live even better. Post all the facts, shill.

    • Kris

      Calling someone a shill because they ridicule the anti-GMO movement is the pinnacle of the Ad Hominem argument.

      People who “impose” GMO’s on people live no better than the companies that provide organic products to you so you may rest easy thinking your DNA is safe from alien monstrosities in your food. In fact, Whole Foods made higher profits than Monsanto this year because their organic label allows them to get away with actually selling their overpriced garbage.

      It’s funny how anti-GMO theorists can’t understand why we think they’re crazy…while they pay almost ten dollars for a sticker on their food, and that’s the only difference worth mentioning (unless you wanna talk about the difference it makes for people in poverty, but I wouldn’t expect you to actually care about those people or anything. That’d be silly and unrealistic.)

    • Daniel
  • Adam Reed

    Putin Reloaded (if that is your real name):

    When you accuse everyone who disagrees with you of being a “shill”, you lose credibility.

    Congratulations on being either upper-middle class or batshit crazy.

    • The Shepherd

      The shills are my employees. These people are not my employees.

  • Dr. Lawrence Paleassguy

    You must all worry about chemtrails. None of us escapes chemtrails.

  • Abraham Hmiel

    I believe that this article gets the researchers’ names wrong. Isn’t it Dr. David Gorski and Dr. Steven Novella? Not Steve Groski?

    I can’t find this study anywhere. Can anyone link me?

    • Abraham Hmiel

      Ok, I got pwned. First time here ;_(

  • Debra

    I have confidence in our Canadian Novel Food regs to scrutinize new products with novel traits regardless of how the are developed (traditional breeding or GE/GM). This study only confirms what has long been popular opinion of those who are familiar with the science and the safeguards in place. What concerns me is the sidebar comment regarding women of a certain social/wealth not having to deal with domestic violence. That has no place in this discussion and I will venture to say it’s tragically just wrong. It detracts from the issue at hand which is that it appears that the more affluent/safe we are as a society the more we have to find things to worry about. It’s scary how scientifically illiterate we have become. We fear most that which we don’t understand. And even worse is believing every nutty thing you read on the Internet!!

  • Leslie

    This is nonsense. Ask the 250,000 wives of the farmers who committed suicide in India because their GMO crops failed, and they couldn’t repay Monsanto for the GMO seed, pesticides and insecticides they were forced to buy! GMO crops need toxic pesticides etc to grow. Residents on one of the Hawaiian islands are in revolt, banning Monsanto’s GM crops on their island. Farmers who spray the pesticides are getting cancer. There are a lot of people talking about GMO.

    • Kyle

      Too bad everything you just said is completely false.

      • Dean

        Too bad you’re not perceptive enough to discern satire when you see it.

    • Jeff

      Fact-checking and reality are not obstacles for you. Good for you…

    • Steven

      Not one for correlation data but since the inclusion of Bt crops… suicides have dropped immensely.

  • Dean

    If only this weren’t satire….

  • lol

  • Thomas Mrak

    Someone who is blindly afraid of something and does not evaluate it is fearful and ignorant regardless of how much money they make or don’t.

    Everything we do every day has a risk. Life is inherently risky. There are pros and cons to everything human beings buy, consume and the choices people make. There is really no such thing as a “Safe” bet.

    We need to learn to make informed decisions. evaluate reality, and learn from our mistakes.

    The problem unfortunately is some people believe they have the right to decide for others and have people following them in tow.

    Money and power do not buy sound thinking or ethics.

  • Thomas Mrak

    1.Vaccines, like any medical treatment carry risk. The reward outweighs the risk. i.e. You do not suffer through, possibly die from a terrible illness and you are less likely to spread said illness.

    2. GMOs. This one, like vaccines is a warranted fear. The effects of some of these products need to be studied. However, human beings have been selectively breeding plants and animals for thousands of years if not longer.

    Even if something is grown organically, it is not like its original naturally occurring form. There are also several organic compounds which are dangerous to human and animal life.

    Natural does not automatically equal good and synthetic does not automatically equal bad.

    3. Cellphones and electromagnetic radiation.

    Again, a valid concern, but the amount of exposure and the amount of time of exposure are what matter.

    Radiation is a part of life. Without it, there would be no life. Too much and life cannot survive, too little and life cannot survive.

    There is also some background level radiation. Also, not all cancers are caused by exposure to chemicals or radiation.

    • Vaccines do NOT cause autism. I have Aspergers and wasn’t vaccinated until I was six.
      And, yes, GMOs are safe. You are a technophobe.

      And this report cites actual scientific articles.

      • Did you even read his comment David?

        • Vaccines and GMOs are among the most studied things in science. You both are technophobes. If you’ve ever caught yourself saying “That ain’t natural *hick*” then you are a technophobe who wants to live naturally by being on a computer and using air flight for transportation like all other natural humans do.

      • Thomas Mrak

        Being skeptical and looking for truth and facts is anything but being phobic.

        I love what technology and science add to my life, but not every technology is good by default and all natural can sometimes be all natural snake oil.

    • Laura

      The invective on these subjects polarizes people and makes rational discussion rare and difficult.

  • Eden

    Is it just me, or doesn’t naming a participant in the study (fore- and surname) and then subtly mocking them (however valid that mocking might be), strike you as constituting a breach of ethics? This study looks interesting and important, but that last little bit left me with a bad taste in my mouth…

    • Josh Bushell


    • Peter Foster

      This is satirical fiction, very convincing because it’s no secret that anti-vaccination hotbeds correlate to income and other lifestyle choices, but still fiction, this particular study, never happened.

      There have though been real studies on this topic:

      Neoliberal Mothering and Vaccine Refusal
      Imagined Gated Communities and the Privilege of Choice
      Jennifer A. Reich

      Other studies have shown that children who are unvaccinated are likely to
      belong to families that intentionally refuse vaccines, whereas children
      who are undervaccinated are likely to have missed some vaccinations
      because of factors related to the health care system or sociodemographic

      Children who have received no vaccines: Who are they and where do they live?
      By:Smith, PJ (Smith, PJ); Chu, SY (Chu, SY); Barker, LE (Barker, LE)

  • Paul

    Please link to the study.

  • joe

    Omg I wish I could flag comments for stupidity and/or the inability to read the statement they are replying to.

    • BillyBib

      Right there with you…

  • yowza

    Can’t find a reference to this research anywhere else. I can’t even find evidence that Steve Gorski exists! He is not on staff at Yale. Was this published research? Where’s the reference?

    • yowza

      That’s “Groksi” of course. Google keeps trying to correct me since Steve Groksi doesn’t appear anywhere. Not a trace of him by either spelling except on this page.

    • Suzanne

      It’s SATIRE. There is no research or study, and the professor and researcher whose name they appropriated is Dr. Philip Stephen Gorski in Yale’s sociology dept. Just enough “facts” and all the right lingo to make you think its real, but its not…..

  • Mary

    These comments are crazy. xD

  • MildJoe

    It’s because they don’t have any REAL problems to complain about.

  • Lian Beijers

    Could you please include a link to the study?

    • JustJoeToo

      Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to tell when they just randomly use the word satire in their masthead.

  • Scott Rangus

    This pretty much also includes Millennials who have bought into the “Organic”, “Non-GMO” scams perpetuated by Social Media. Oh, and don’t forget the “No Antibiotics” craze. As with the others, not a shred of scientific evidence that any of the above are any better for you, just more expensive.