Scientists find strong link between low IQ and liking Natural News on Facebook

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Scientists released the results of a new study today, confirming there is a direct link between low IQ and liking the page/website Natural News on Facebook.

“We looked at all 1.6 million people who have liked the page and the results from intelligence quotient tests they took. Compared to the general population, they had significantly lower scores” said researcher Dr. David Ling.

“It also turns out over 400,000 of the likes are simply computer run programs or “bots” originating from China. Surprisingly, the bots did significantly better on the IQ tests that the actual human fans of the page.”

Mike Adams, owner, operator, millionaire conspiracy theorist who runs Natural News was quick to dismiss the results.

“All you have to do is look at who funded the study,” explained Adams.

When pressed for more information, Mr. Adams didn’t actually know who funded the study and was surprised The Spudd was questioning him on the issue. Usually, according to Adams, after he says that, no one questions it.


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