Scientists confirm Canadians cannot catch foul balls

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In a new study published by Sports Illustrated: Science, scientists confirmed what many American announcers have believed for years: that Canadian fans are unable to catch foul balls.

“We looked at video footage from over 30 years of Major and Minor league baseball,” explained lead scientist Harold Reynolds. “And we concluded that Canadian fans are simply unable to catch foul balls. I should know too, since I lead the majors in errors by a second basemen numerous times.”

The study concluded that since Canadian only care about hockey and being polite, they simply don’t have the time to play baseball and thus gain the skills required for catching baseballs.

“I’m sure if they shot hockey pucks into the stands at baseball games in Canada, they would do just fine,” added Reynolds.

Many Canadians, including Larry Walker a seven time gold glove winner, are disputing the results of the study.


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