Report: Epidemiologist the sexiest medical profession, homeopath dead last

In a recent report issued by the American Medical Association, Epidemiologist is the run away winner for sexiest medical profession. Rounding out the top 5 were Nurse, Neurologist, Surgeon and Pediatrician.

“We looked at several different variables” said the AMA’s Dr. Douglas Howser. “And in every category, Epidemiologist came out on top. They are a very sexy bunch.”

Some experts were surprised that Epidemiologists did so well, beating out the pre-season favorite, Nurse.

“We now expect to see “Sexy Epidemiologist” costumes popping up everywhere this Halloween” said costume rental company owner Patrick Bristow.

The bottom 5 sexiest professions were not really a surprise to anyone, they were: Naturopath, Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Osteopath and Homeopath.

As per anything that comes from the AMA, most of the alternative medical professions are not taking this very seriously, as they assume Epidemiologists paid off the AMA to get the results they wanted.

“Considering the AMA says vaccines don’t cause autism, something 80% of doctors admit is a lie, how can we trust them on something like this?” said Naturopath Paul Thero. When questioned about the source of his 80% statistic, Thero dodged the question and instead demanded someone show him a double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized control trial of vaccinated versus un-vaccinated children.

Evil doktor, pharma shill, vaccine chemist, Monsanto spokesperson, GMO lobbyist, chemtrail deployer and false flag organizer.